GospelCntro says Hello World!

"Go ye into all nations..." Matthew 28:19-20

      Welcome to the blogging home of GospelCntro a new venue for Christians to interact using all the lastest technology.  Thanks be to God you can now hear our show live each Saturday morning from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on 1220 KLDC AM Radio or  listen live over the internet.   We are dedicated to the new generation of worshippers, tune in for the latest Gospel Events in the local area, MoneyManners, Camp KnowMe, Gospel Entertainment News and simple straight talk to keep you on the narrow path toward glory.  Each segment aired offers a realistic perspective toward situations in handling our lives in a way pleasing to Christ.

    If you have a teen or pre-adult, as we like to refer to them, then you need to listen to our Camp KnowMe segment with him or her.  We deal with the struggles of raising a teen, and being a teen in the 21st Century.  We purpose to close the proverbial gap between mother, father and their teenagers.  Will Smith may have been speaking from one perspective when he wrote the song, “Parents just don’t understand.”  Camp KnowMe believes their is a perspective missing and if it were a song it would be titled, “Parents just want to understand.”  Camp KnowMe will host this unity between parent and pre-adult issues worked out each week through Christian beliefs, prayer and communication.

      GospelCntro is now hosting the first  Christian Social Network for your entire church community allowing Pastors, Ministers, Teachers and their members to conduct ministry via the internet maintaining a Kingdom Building atmosphere.  Sign your church up today absolutely free.  This is a virtual church tool supplied for churches to reach all  members and maintain the Christian communication and interaction on the world- wide web. 

      Church ministry is evolving with the world to keep our pulse on fulfilling our instructions given in “The Great Commission,”  Matthew 28:19-28.  GospelCntro offers you a central (cntro) place to reach, teach, preach, upload video’s or podcasts of your ministries, without anymore effort or expense on what we know is already a strained budget.  God tells us that His yoke is light and easy, and you do not need to bare a heavy burden financially to get your ministry in a virtually central (cntro) location.    Our mission is to create a virtual interactive space for Christians to maintain a Christian presence in all areas of communication.  The scriptures admonish us “pray not that thou shouldest take themout of the world,  but though shouldes keep them from the evil. They are not of the world as I am not of the world.  Sanctify God’s children with truth, and God’s word is the truth…that they may believe God sent Jesus,” paraphrased John 17:16-21

    Pastors, Associate ministers, Christian group leaders, Christian teachers, and/or cell group ministers sign your church and groups up today.  JOIN THE VIRAL CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT NOW!  For we all know, that no man knows the day nor the hour, but we all know He is coming soon.

GospelCntro says Hello World!

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