What is the message if Santa is packing heat?

     The GiftOMO ( The “O”  is no mistake, I will not use God’s name in vain even in an acronym.  The letter ‘O” represents the word onion.  Why? Because an onion is known for making a person cry and crying can represent laughter or sadness, I like it).  Sorry I digress, but OMO!!!! This is it, the protest I’ve had every year for the past 7 years during the Christmas season.  Santa has no place in the Christmas holiday!  To see the Packing Santa click here   What kind of message is sent to the children when Santa has a gun strapped to his hip?  Whoa, if this does not scream get a grip and tell the truth nothing else does.

     If, and only if parents  are willing to accept the credit and love  from  children for purchasing their gifts year after year, then make it happen by simply telling the children the true reason for the season of Christmas.  Not only do the children get to understand and see exactly where their blessings come from by the grace of God their parents, but they also comprehend that your pocket goes only so far.   A financial reality to share with our children offering them a proper prospective of how money works (follow MoneyManners on Twitter).

      Wow, think about how a child’s involvement in their education may change with this knowledge. Why would  you want to give those love points to anyone else.   Get the mystery out of your relationship with your children, commit to having an honest relationship with your child when it comes to the season of Christmas.  Who knows how far the honesty can go between a parent and child after this.   For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ and whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have everlasting life (John 3:16).  This Jesus the Christ and Savior, He was born on the day we celebrate Christmas.  The season may finally begin to make sense to your children.  In addition, it is a way to teach them why we worship Jesus Christ and start them on their way to become outstanding Christians themselves.  

     Parents  make up fairy tales taking the risk of looking like liars to the children later on down the line.  Unfortunately, children eventually follow in the parents footsteps and begin telling  fairy tales, untruths because they don’t believe you can handle the truth so they tell you what they believe you want to hear, hmmmm, now WWJD?

   This type of attitude tends to spiral into increasing dishonest interactions causing peer pressures everywhere around the holiday season.  When there is an object associated with ones affection, a person is easily misguided toward the object and not the person.   The un-Christlike attitudes developed over the years surrounding this holiday warrants our attention to revisit its true purpose and expected level of worship.  

     People tend to feel obligated to buy a gift for various family, friends or associates, yet not obligated to give God a gift for His gift to us. I am currently reading the book “Family to Family,” by Pipe & Lee  a segment of the book inspired me to commit to follow the same method of celebrating the holiday every year going forward.  The segment reads as follows:

     This will aid the parents who may have had a hard time during the year and cannot afford to buy the boat loads of gifts at the cost indulged on last year.   Hey, I am not a Scrooge. I consider now being entirely too close to the holiday to change your tune now.  I simply would like you to consider breaking the news after you give them the gifts. 

     Instead of allowing Santa to receive the credit, take that time to begin the process of informing your child of Jesus’ role in assisting you in acquiring the gifts and not Santa.  The continued process is simply explaining the true story and reason behind the season, as time goes by you will be totally ready by next year.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Christene

What is the message if Santa is packing heat?

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