A Mind on Heaven in 2011


Think Heaven in 2011


     Keep your mind on the things of heaven and not this world, but be careful not to get carried away you should still be productive.  In Isaiah 43:18-19 we are reminded to “Remember ye not the former things.”  The old problems, situations and any negative issues you endured in 2010, leave them all there.   The enemy likes to keep us trapped in the worries of old, by constantly rehearsing things that have gone on in the past.  We (reader and I)) rebuke that mindset and thought processes right now in the name of Jesus!  We know that the Lord loves to do a new thing in us  Isaiah 42:9, and he starts with the renewing of your mind  Romans 12:1-2.

     When we set a resolve in our lives it is customarily voiced for the New Year, if God is moving you to do something new a month or six months from now, be prepared  for God to do that new thing in your life.  Let’s cry out to God everyday, when your eyes open each day by the grace of God cry out thank you to the Most High God.  “Before you turn over for that kiss, kiss and hug your Mighty Maker, our God and King,”  suggested by Pastor Lorenzo Stewart. 

     Trials and tribulations come to the just and unjust alike, so while life is difficult ,with Jesus there is hope in the midst of that difficulty.  Do not complain of the trials and tribulations, but instead rejoice because Jesus will see you through them all.   The unsaved do not have that advantage.  The attitude of an individual will dictate their success and failures in their spiritual walk.  If there is faith in your life we should hear it in your language outside of the church.  Matthew 15:18 informs us that the words which come from a persons mouth, comes from that individuals heart.   Many want to go by what they see a person do, wear or even drive, Lord forbid, we know better than that, we walk by faith not by sight.

     Keep your mind stayed on Jesus, do not be ashamed or afraid to share your faith with whomever.  The goal of the adversary is to rob us of our dominion, to take what was given you by our God and Creator.  It is no time to be weak in your faith the same way you represent God so shall He represent you with the same passion.   Stop! Think about it!

Scripture Review:   A Mind on Heaven in 2011

Isaiah 46:18-19 ;  Isaiah 42:9  &  Romans 12:1-2

Read and meditate on each scripture to prepare your mind for the new year on heavenly things, but not to the point where we are no earthly good.  There is still so much work to be accomplished before He comes back.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Christene

A Mind on Heaven in 2011

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