GospelCntro Radio Show Coming Soon!

All the latest Gospel Events and much more



For Appointments or Advertising
 info call:  888-853-6887    
Gospel Artists seeking spotlight interviews
Send Bio/Demos: P.O. Box 390422, Denver, CO 80239  
or Contact us via email  gospelcntro@gmail.com


Hear the Good News of A Life Centered in Christ

 To Live A Successful Christian lifestyle, Spirit Lifting Gospel Music and so much more……



MAY 7, 2010  @ 11AM


 KLDC 1220 AM via net or Radio.

Our mission is to begin open and honest discussions on various topics pertaining to Christian living.  

What makes GospelCntro a Cut Above the Rest?  

     GospelCntro couples the doctrine of God’s word with practicality, as it concerns our ever-changing society.  The constant changes in our lifestyles challenges us as we strive to remain faithful to the promises of God.  If we are veracious in our conversations we will renew our faith, and strengthen our belief that the God we serve is unchanging and an ever-present help in the lives of His people.  

      GospelCntro a potential leader in Christian marketing and promotions to the Christian church, the Gospel Music audiences, and society in Colorado first to reach thousands locally and then nationally via Twitter, Facebook and Live HD//Internet Radio.  We bring Christian Entertainment events to YOUR awareness, pastors, distributors, retail stores, urban/gospel radio announcers, magazines, newspapers, web sites and television stations.
     GospelCntro is convinced that by promoting and hosting Christian centered events in the local (Colorado area) and national ministries, we strengthen the body of Christ to stay rooted and grounded in Christ and joyfully sharing the gospel in many ways to win more souls to Christ.
Stay connected for the latest GospelCntro hosted Christian events in 2011. 
We are excited about bringing the best of Gospel Entertainment to the Rocky Mountain area! 
Stay Connected!
GospelCntro Radio Show Coming Soon!

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