Looking for the Shape-Shifters of this Age

Survival of the Shape-Shifter

 MoneyManners is looking for the brightest, current and future Shape-Shifting professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders between the ages of 36 and up. The primary objective is to find those who were caught in our economic crisis yet through their faith and pure perserverance withstood the storm.  The individual  will be considered for coverage within our Christian multimedia platforms (Blog, Radio Show, Web site, videos, events) throughout the year 2011 and beyond.  These individuals will have worked in one career for a substantial amount of time, and having the carpet ripped out from under them during the economic crisis, managed to find a niche and passion which they transformed it into a career which now supports them.  Thereby receiving our Shape-Shifter of 2011 Award.

The persons submitted should operate in a capacity that offers a forward-thinking approach which transformed their work; excel beyond the requirements and standards of their position; be at the forefront of change; and be a proven, essential contributor to significant projects/research/initiatives of their organization. Those submitted should be persons of high merit and outstanding achievement within their field—and should ultimately demonstrate their measurable impact on the profitability, market leadership, industry dominance, innovation, growth and/or success of their organization, company or business.

If you know of  a career Shape-Shifter whose become, executives, industry leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who you feel fit the criteria above (or if you are such a person), please complete the following form and click SUBMIT.

Please erase the Default information listed in this form and insert your own.  We are excited to hear your success stories.  MoneyManners (sponsored by GospelCntro)


Looking for the Shape-Shifters of this Age

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