GospelCntro asks: How Does Perception Effect Your Faith Walk?


Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!  GospelCntro’s first show was “off the hook!”  If you were unable to join us we understand and have made a way for you too to get in on the conversation.  GospelCntro’s mission and purpose is to begin open and honest discussions on various topics pertaining to Christian living and how our ever changing society challenges us as we seek to remain faithful to the promises of God.  if we are veracious in our conversations we will renew our faith, and reaffirm our belief that the God we serve is UNCHANGING and AN EVER-PRESENT help in the lives of His people. 

     GospelCntro takes the rules and doctrine of the word of God and impresses the practicality of the scriptures to the body of Christ.  We believe in edifying each other in love with a mind on actually living  successful Christian lives and becoming true warriors for the Lord.    Our show today opened with a blessed prayer of anointing and blessing by Colorado’s own Min. Jeanette of FIVEAMPRAYER.  We chose such a powerful woman of God to bless our first show in order to encourage all of our listeners to develop a prayer life.   Join us and Minister Jeanette on her FIVEAMPRAYER call during the week Monday-Friday @ 605-475-4800 (enter code: 258417#).

    The scriptural meditation and focus today is taken from Matthew 16:13-18.  We encourage you to get your bible and read the passage before moving forward.  The word of the day is : Perception  Jesus considers the perception of outsiders, friends, family and the disciples of and about who He was.  He asks Peter “who do men say that I am,” when we enter the fold of Jesus Christ and begin to walk a life of salvation we are still extremely susceptible to the perceptions of who others say we are and who we proclaim Jesus to be in our lives.  Peter answered Jesus, “Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”   If we look at our world filled with various religions we can still witness the controversy of who Jesus is, there are some who still say he was only a prophet, surely He was just a man not the Son of God. 

     Our question to the body of Christ today is:

   If you claim salvation and you are attempting to walk in that salvation what is the role of the perception of those around you and yourself about your salvation?  Which is more important?  (please leave a comment on to this on our blog we may use your comment on the next show)

   We want to review the importance placed on the perceptions of others versus the revelation knowledge given by the Holy Spirit.  Jesus identifies the difference between the two and how it is easy for various groups to have a perception;  but instantly emphasizes that unless  revealed  to us by way of the Holy Spirit, unless we allow the voice of the Spirit to supersede the perceptions, insights and opinions of we will be unstable in our Christian walk. 

   Jesus reveals to Peter the importance of listening and gaining knowledge from the Holy Spirit.  We discussed the error in walking by our perceptions and even others perceptions.  A person has a specific perspective of who a person is from a far, others may know an individual in a closer relationship, even still others may know a person in a social vernacular, and to continue others will know you as a Christian.   This is the stew of our lives which we metaphorically often do not allow to simmer together to develop that individual made whole by Jesus Christ, before we begin to pick and pull ourselves or others apart about their walk with Christ.

   Meditation & Revelation Focus:  How are you perceiving others? Are you looking with your physical eyes where you witness only what you see on the outside, or are you using your spiritual eyes to witness what God wants you to see about your brother or your sister and even yourself?   Do you need to change your perception and thereby elevate your spiritual walk?  

  Stop, Think, Pray and Write About It! 

Working with you in Christ,

Rev. Duncan, Sister Robin and Minister Jeanette

GospelCntro asks: How Does Perception Effect Your Faith Walk?

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