We are called to Rebuke in Love

Rebuke in LoveThe topic of discussion was “REBUKE”. The dictionary meaning of the word Rebuke is to criticize or reprove sharply.
However, the Bible teaches a different doctrine.
Firstly, we are not to judge anyone or criticize anyone. Luke 6:37 says “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven”
The above mentioned verse simply implies that we are not to judge anyone, because God Himself is the only one who can judge human beings. By judging people, we bring judgment on ourselves.  Secondly, we are not to make it our job to find fault in people, we are called to worry about our own discretion in the sight of God.  Jesus said “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”
When Jesus said,” Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”, he simply meant that before finding faults and criticizing other people, we must look at our own self and when we submit to the Lord completely and walk according to His ways, only then can we guide other people who are not walking uprightly with the Lord.
In other words, we are not to criticize anyone sharply but to correct people in love. This can only happen when we have experienced the love of our Creator, the Almighty God.
Imagine, if somebody told you, that roller coaster rides are amazing, and asks you to describe the experience. Would you be able to talk about it when you yourself haven’t experienced it? In the same way, a person cannot have love, if he himself has never felt the love of God. God loves us so much that He had to nail His only Son to the Cross, to have a relationship with us. He has already expressed His love 2000 years ago. It is up to us now to accept or reject His love.
It is only then, when you realize the love of God that you begin to share what He has shared with you. Can you share something with someone which you yourself don’t have?
So, first acknowledge that the Lord loves you and realize that He is always present with you. Thank Him for His love and ask Him to fill you with His peace that can only come through Christ Jesus, our Lord. And then, when people see the love and kindness in your conduct, they would be able to see God as a loving Father. And rebuke, when done in love, is never taken in a negative spirit, because then Satan’s attempt to rule over us through anger would be failed.
Very often, Rebuke is important but is not appreciated by people. We all want to be loved, and not criticized. But rebuke can be done in a loving way, in all authority that Jesus gave us.
Proverbs 27:5-6 says “Open rebuke is better than secret love”. It is our honesty that pleases the Lord. If you are facing any struggles today, or living in sin, acknowledge your sins to the Lord and He will rescue you. Be willing to submit to His will in your life, everyday. Only rebuke when you have to and that too in love. This will draw the lost people closer to the Lord. On the other hand, harsh words said in anger can draw people against the Lord.
You can however rebuke Satan and his army in all authority that Jesus gave us. Satan can no more hold us captive in addictions, sins, depression, or any thing that hampers our relationship with the Lord.
Our words have power because the One who redeemed us had Power. Do you choose to be a blessing or a curse?
Decide now… May the Lord be with you !
In Jesus name, Amen

Working with you in Christ

Sister Sharin

We are called to Rebuke in Love

2 thoughts on “We are called to Rebuke in Love

  1. GPOM says:

    This truly blessed me, I was struggling with my a relationship. It was a position when I actually needed to rebuke a behavior but I really did not want to loose the relationship. Thank you, I was able to state the issue to my friend in a manner that did not seperate the relationship. Thanks GospelCntro keep up the good work you always help me.

  2. I totaly and wholeheartedly agree with this. Love is such a powerful thing that anything done with love will always get the desired results and reward you manifold eventhough you do not expect it. Love is the biggest power that rules the whole world. The whole world is running on the smalest of acts of love and compassion that is being circulated around.But, we more often than not choose to overlook or ignore this, Why? Because the other path of anger,cunningness looks easier and things get done faster tht way…love takes a longer time and nobody has the time. But,its same like saying give me an allopathic medicine as i just want to get cured fast,not from within or cmpletely. And we al very wel know what is happening now and what is goin to happen in the future because of this behaviour. We all know natural and herbal or homeopathic techniques and mediines are any day beter and have a long lasting wholesome answer to our problms, but it takes more time. So we continue abusing our bodies citing lack of time as the reason to hide our own impatience.Impatience…that leads nowhere.Similrly,our natural behaviour is that of love and compassion but we wear the cloak of sin/deceit/anger,etc for the above mentioned reaons. And this is the reason for al the hostility that is happening around the world.So,its time to go back to our natural selves as only tht will relieve us from this bondage that we have ourselves chosen to go into.Its not dificult at all.Lets start and give ourselves the first push and we will be on the right path and things will happen for our and everyone around us’ good on its own..because after all, it is – God’s will.

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