The True Vine: God is the Provider-not the money

Here is some “Good News.” 

Love God not Money

  The vine is the  revelation today.    All of God’s children are on the vine with God.  In consideration of the structure of a bunch of grapes,  neglecting to examine the defilement of the vine by the proverbial  grapevine of gossip omits the significance and power of the example.  There is no disconnection in the vine or the  grapevine, whether the conversation is productive or non-productive, holy or evil.  The question to ask is what will the conversation or connection produce?  Words are creative, so what is created and growing on the portion of the vine in ones circle of associations?  Speaking faith creates faith in lives where it is lacking and cause faith to grow.  

Meditate on Heb.11:1 & Heb. 11:6

  Therefore,  praying or speaking in a self-satisfying manner in  situations actually separates an individual from the vine.  Continuing with the “grapevine metaphor” The vine represents the body of Christ; and therefore, a self-focused and satisfying prayer disconnects a person from the overall purpose in the body of Christ-The unity with one God, Faith, Baptism and Mind.  Prayer is a form of request, release and deliverance purposed to encompass the ideology of the oneness or unity of the vine.  

 If leaders begin to pray with the same fervency used for personal outcomes, also for family, neighbors or team members it will manifest the true will of God in life, churches and the body of Christ.   This is the purpose God is leading us to in understanding and teaching during the fasting period this month ( while we are concentrating on relationships).  The richness in selflessness in prayer and mindset is as you lift one up you also lift yourself.  If you empower individuals surrounding you, you ultimately are empowering yourself to go forward. 

     Allbeit we must acknowledge the many generous ministers whose  life work is looking out for others, hats off to all of you self-less ambassadors leading and trial blazing the way.  Yet, not all  leaders intercede with the same fervency or intensity that they cry out for on their personal  issues at God’s feet. The body of Christ is the focus and purpose of God and is expected to also be ours.  the Great Redeemer has called us, as Jesus did to utter fervent prayers to be effective through the righteous for those in your immediate vine connection.    It is interesting how often prayer groups are reaching so far across the world with fervent prayers, yet neglect to share the same energy in lifting up the brother or sister sitting right next to him/her in the church pew.  God is real, God’s promises are sure, and God will bless us.

     No one said the road would be easy, but  knowing God did not bring us this far to leave us now. Don’t get it twisted God knows what we have need of, and more than money or material paraphernalia we need Him.  Keeping the concept of the vine in  mind we should guard our heart to love in such a manner that when He blesses us above and beyond what we can ask or think, we are not snared by the love of money or the disdain of others because we have and they do not.  God will bless us with  provision and if money is it God will see that it is provided, but don’t love money more than God ever.   God is the provider not the money. 

“Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be satisfied with what you have. For God has said,
         I will never leave you; I will never abandon you”. Good News Translation
Rev. Christene

The True Vine: God is the Provider-not the money

2 thoughts on “The True Vine: God is the Provider-not the money

  1. GPOM says:

    The true vine is the perfect example to help me stay conscious of who I am in Christ, and that what I do and say effects everything I do. I am in Him and He is in me. Thanks GC

  2. GPOM says:

    I know God is the ultimate provider, but how does that work when you need money. They will not accept God as payment for the rent or utilities. I believe God but what do I do while I am waiting go homeless or hungry? I believe but help my unbelief. I liked the show Saturday, that is exactly the way I felt.

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