Are You Living a “Double” Life?

The topic of discussion is “Double minded”

James 1:8 – “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (Kings James Version)

The Bible clearly talks about a double minded person in the book of James. Being double minded means being inconsistent. It refers to a situation in which one can’t make up their mind between good and bad (in the sight of God). They find themselves in a fix and never able to clearly draw a line between God’s will and their own desires. It also means that, at one point there is motivation to follow the scripture in every way, but in other instances possibly outside of the Christian circles or environments, contradicts it completely by doing what they know isn’t right or Christ like.

For instance, a follower of Christ, who says that he/she, is an honest and truthful person, always following the commandments in the Bible wholeheartedly. But, outside of the church he/she cheats on their spouse, taking the blood of Christ for granted. Such a person is “double minded”, and therefore unstable in all decisions and cannot be trusted. A person full of inconsistency contradicting their own words, yet, all the while claiming to know God through Jesus, proclaiming salvation, could not resist attraction of fulfilling one’s own desires.  This poor individual is fooling themselves, and the truth is that he never knew God.

If our spiritual lives suffer from duplicities, decisions will also be duplicate, leading to a state of confusion. When claiming to have the love of God our hearts are likewise guided by God’s love that there will be a spiritual yearning to please God by abstaining from the worldly entanglements which so easily beset us, i.e. adultery, cheating, addictions, or any type of bondage.

A double minded person, as stated above, does not trust God completely.  The actions exemplify a doubt in the heart resulting in unanswered prayers. God hates our unbelief, is never pleased by it neither does God reward the behavior Hebrews 11:6.  Therefore, my brothers and sisters, lets fix our relationship with God first through Christ. If you need a break from your hectic lifestyle, instead finding a vacation spot, spend some time with Jesus, our Lord and Savior in meditation, fasting and prayer.  Allow the Holy Spirit to lead your steps further. When praying do not worry after your request, that you do not fall ignorant to the scriptures.  Do what is right in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord will take care of the rest. Look to please God and not men.

Spiritual double mindedness leads to stress in our relationships as well. Pray to God for taking away your “double mindedness” in the name of Jesus. Ask God to make you more like Christ, so that our lives can reveal God’s glory to other people.

God bless you all, abundantly.

Working with you in Christ,

Sharin Dass

GC Blog Journalist

"A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways" James 1:8
Are You Living a “Double” Life?

3 thoughts on “Are You Living a “Double” Life?

  1. GPOM says:

    This is issue is so easy to ignore or even fool yourself into believing it is not you. Especially, those who are in active attendance at church, bible studies, choir participation or any other board which is identified as service to the Lord. Why do we become complacent as though we have arrived when clearly it is a journey everyday. Thanks for the heads up and for keeping us on our toes in the spirit.

  2. This is a real eye opener, the error of many career Christians, preachers, teachers and active participants in churches and on boards go week after week without checking to assure that what they exemplify in their walking also lines up with their talking. Thanks GospelCntro good word!

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