Prayer Warriors Unite!

Touch and Agree In PrayerGOOD NEWS!!!! FIVAMPRAYER Warriors our call number has changed the new number is : 760-569-7676 code# 910150 LOCK IT IN! If you missed it this morning the CALL BACK # IS: 760-569-7699 code# 910150.   God bless you and we will be praying with you in the morning. We always bring you “The Good News for a Life Centered in Christ.”

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In the season of struggle we are to pray, in a season of plenty we are to always pray, in the time of trouble we are to always pray.  1 Thessolonians 5:17 instructs us to never stop praying.  This tells me that there should be an emphasis on various techniques of how to pray which would prove beneficial to every Christian.   The technique and urgency of bulding the skill of praying is rarely, if ever, stressed in many of the churches I have attended.  The corporate prayer is no replacement for the clear instruction stated in 1 Thess. 5:17. 

The directive is stated as an urgent necessity, yet the subject of prayer is remissed during our weekly gatherings and condenced to a corporate act of covering by one person and/or an altar call where many offer a quick knee-drop-and up-pop!   The scripture is clearly stating that a Christian’s life is to be filled to the overflow with prayer to seek direction, overcome obstacles, to make requests known, to be healed of illness, to increase ones faith and the list continues.

If you have a weak prayer life and profess to be a Christian it is time for you check that misnomer at the door.  You may not be the Christian you believe yourself to be.

Prayer Warriors Unite!

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