Divisiveness opposes the joy in our hearts.

United we stand,

Divisivness opposes Joy in our hearts

Divided we fall

How true that statement is!
It not only applies to any developed or developing nation, but to our
Christian Community as well.

Romans 16:17 “I urge you, brothers and
sisters, to watch out for those who cause
and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching
you have learned. Keep away from them.”

As a
Christian, our prime motivation while here on earth is that “God is with us”.
No matter what the circumstances look like or how the economy is functioning,
even if we are counting our last days, we have one assurance, that when we die,
we shall certainly be with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Isn’t that
assurance motivating and wonderful?

The bible
teaches us to love God in the first place and it is the most important
commandment. In fact, the first 4 commandments warn us to not love any person
or thing more than God. If we love any thing or any person more than God, then
we are certainly breaking the commandment.

The next 6
commandments demand from us to love others, and honor our parents, and not to
commit adultery or to lie (false testimony), cheat, steal, murder or covet
other people’s possessions. It is really unfortunate that some of us, cause
divisions even after the truth is made known to us. There are some of us who
think that God discriminates on the basis of a race or colour, thinking that
salvation and God’s love is only for them. If it had been so, Jesus would not
have told the apostles to go and preach the love of God to the nations of the
world. He would have clearly told the apostles to go to only specific area or
country, but He did not do so. Praise God !

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he
gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but
have eternal life.”

God’s love
is for everybody, whether black or white, rich or poor, weak or strong. Jesus
Christ’s sacrifice and love is for everyone who has sinned and that includes

Are we a
good Christian just as Christ wanted us to become and bringing glory to His
name? Or are we full of hatred, envy and malice, causing divisions among one
another. Are we serving God or the devil?

If we have
no love in us, there is no truth in us because our actions are not in line with
God’s word and anything NOT in line with God’s word is from the evil one. God
hates people who cause divisions and who bring disharmony.

Let us
choose to be on God’s side and bring glory to His name.

May the Lord
be with us.

Sharin Dass, GC Blog Journalist

New Delhi, India

Divisiveness opposes the joy in our hearts.

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