Grumbling Takes Away the Joy of Our Hearts

Number 11: 1 “And the
people complained in the hearing of
the LORD about their misfortunes, and when the LORD heard it, his anger was
kindled, and the fire of the LORD burned among them and consumed some outlying
parts of the camp.”

As we read the above mentioned scripture, we find that even after seeing the
wondrous signs and miracles, the people did not trust in the Lord but
questioned His actions. Instead of being thankful, they complained. This made
the Lord angry and His anger came upon His very own people.

Many a times, we also complain even when things are in our favor, even when we have
all that we need to lead a good life. Despite our blessings, our good health,
our finances, we tend to complain and grumble. We look at those who are better
than us and compare ourselves with their wealth and prosperity. We are so
engrossed by our problems and finances, that we overlook the favor of God.

There are thousands of people who are blind, deaf or mute, or even handicapped, who
can’t even eat or drink on their own. Millions of people in the world go hungry
every night, while we splurge money on shopping and delicacies. They have no
shelter, no clothes, while we sit back and relax watching TV. They are several
others who are suffering from fatal diseases like cancer, AIDS, hepatitis and
many others who are sent to a mental asylum for their abnormal condition. There
is so much suffering in the world that we don’t even feel like talking about
such people and  their conditions.

Millions of kids are homeless and orphans and are made to beg on the streets to
survive, while we don’t feel like leaving our bed and comfort every morning. We
are full of pride and keep boasting about our possessions, ignoring the One who
gave us all that. How ungrateful!

If we can’t be grateful to God today, we never will be. God has kept us protected
and safe because He is still faithful to His covenant made to David. There is
absolutely nothing we have done to earn these blessings. Instead our actions
and pride, only invite God’s curse. If we look at our blessings today and
compare them with the curses for disobedience mentioned in the book of
Deuteronomy, we will see that we don’t even deserve to live. If God were to pay
us back for our wrongdoings and sins, we ourselves would ask for death, for we
cannot bear His anger. We were such godless people with no consciences at one
time. But now that the favor of God has been shining on us, the least we can do
is to be thankful to Him and stop complaining!

Thank God for being so merciful and faithful to us. Instead of punishing us, He
forgives us. Despite our idolatry and immorality, He accepts us when we place
our trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Today, your circumstances may be bad, your life may seem hopeless, but remember that
our God is a living God, He never sleeps nor slumbers, He is still faithful.
Even if He is silent about your situation, don’t give up on Him. He will
certainly answer. He is God, not a man. He never forgets us, never.

Let’s make a promise today to be thankful to our Creator for all that we are and all
that we have. Remember, we deserved to die! But it is only by God’s love and
grace that we are able to live with all the necessities of life. Let’s be
thankful, let’s praise Him. Let’s confess our sins. Let’s be reconciled to God.
Let’s make a difference!

May God clear our consciences and bless us all!

Sharin Dass, GC Blog Journalist

New Delhi, India

Grumbling Takes Away the Joy of Our Hearts

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