Restore Our Souls Completely

Complete Restoration

Who is a Christian? If we search for the meaning of the word Christian in a dictionary or on an internet search engine, we would get the following definition:

A Christian is a person who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Christians also believe in the trinity of God (Father), Jesus (Son) and the Holy Spirit (Spirit of God). They also believe that Jesus is the Messiah or something similar to that effect.

Well, it is so true, isn’t it? Let’s elaborate this definition a little.

Why do we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior? Why do we say that Jesus is the Messiah? Do we really need a savior? Why do we accept Him as our Lord?

If you have ever tried to understand or wondered about God and His purposes, you would have definitely asked this question to yourself. God loves to answer our questions and make the spiritual truths clear to us, because we are His children. He does not hide any thing from us. But our duty is to seek Him. If you are not convinced about any specific teachings in the Bible or if there is something difficult for you to understand, ask God for wisdom and the answers. He would definitely reveal the truth to you through His Spirit. He is a true God.

God is holy and man is sinful. God created man in His own image because God wanted to have a relationship with man, his creation, his children. And when man sinned and rebelled against God, God still did not give up on us and sent a savior to save us. God knew that we, by our works, cannot get rid of our sins and because He loved us so much, He did not punish us, but sacrificed His own beloved son on the cross who bore our punishment and shame. Yes, if we truly repent everyday, carry our cross, turn away from our sins and follow Jesus, God accepts us as His children. And as children of the Most High God, we have a large number of blessings that God wants to shower on us. But before we reach to that point; there is a proper path that we must walk on.

Firstly, we must accept the fact that we are unholy, sinful and away from God. We must then truly repent and turn away from our sins, believing that Christ died for our sins and was raised on the third day by God. We must love God above everyone else, because He hungers for our love. We must grow in our relationship with Jesus, every single day and aspire to more like Him. We must follow the commandments in the Bible wholeheartedly and trust Jesus completely in all the situations – whether good or bad, tough or easy.

As it says in the scripture, “Then he touched their eyes and said, according to your faith let it be done to you” (Matthew 9:29)

We must constantly remind ourselves that no one can please God without faith.
And when we constantly remain in Him, and He in us, we must ask God to restore all that we have fallen short of. We must ask God to restore our souls, health, finances, relationships, marriage, and ministry like never before. We must humble ourselves before the Father and hope for miracles and believe that it has already been granted to us.

Restoration awaits you today! Are you ready to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

May the Lord bless you, keep you and RESTORE you in abundance, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

written by Sharin Dass
GC Blog Journalist
New Delhi,India

Restore Our Souls Completely

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