This is clearly a picture of a duck.  We see the eye, the beak, all of the characteristics that make this a picture of a duck correct?  Look a little closer, if you will, and you will see that although this is indeed a duck, it is also a rabbit.  Can you see it?  Are you willing to look at this picture in a different perspective or is your vision limited to seeing just the duck?  Are your eyes and your mind able to perceive something else, something more? How much effort will you put into seeing the rabbit?  Is it okay for you simply to see this as a picture of a duck?

When I saw this illustration, what came to mind is, “There is more than meets the eye.”  Have you ever felt like God was speaking to you, telling you that at this moment your breakthrough is just around the corner? Have you ever felt that despite what you look like to others and even to yourself there is something great that is waiting to be birthed from within you? I was speaking to my son about this today and thought that I would share it with you.  I believe that there is about to be a paradigm shift in our lives and as a result the true manifestation of our destiny is about to be revealed.

A paradigm shift in any scenario is a radical change that causes a dramatic shift in our underlying beliefs and theories.  When it occurs it changes the circumstances of everything around it.  If embraced, it causes a change in our old way of thinking about a particular situation and incites us to adopt a new perspective because of the drastic shift in the new information that we receive.  A paradigm shift is undeniable and the changes that it brings about are as well.  The problem is that many times we are not adjustable to this kind of change and we choose to convince ourselves that all we can see is the duck, when with a little more observation the rabbit is just as apparent.

We do this simply because the duck is easy.  The duck is what we see when we look at the picture with our all that there is or ever will be.  We limit our vision in our lives the same way, often times, putting ourselves in a little box and limiting our own growth and what we are capable of becoming. The work required to find the underlying greatness that is waiting to be revealed in each of us, requires acknowledging when the paradigm shift occurs in your life and shifting with it when it does.

The story of Peter walking on the water (Matthew 14:22-33) is a perfect example of a paradigm shift.  Peter and the other disciples considered to boat to be the safest place when the wind and the waters became turbulent.  In their minds, that made perfect sense, especially for Peter who was a fisherman.  What was illogical was the concept that any human could walk on water at any time, but most certainly in the midst of a violent storm.

Yet when Jesus appeared, a paradigm shift took place when he spoke one word.  Jesus said “come” and with that word, all that the disciples had believed to be true changed. Peter went out into the water and walked on it. But as soon as the wind began to blow he became scared and began to sink.  He cried out for the Lord to save Him and just as with all of us, He did.

Isn’t this what we often do?  Allow our faith to be hindered as soon a little turbulent wind begins to blow?  We know that there is a blessing waiting for us but we become afraid to simply walk on water, with the assurance that the Lord will carry us safely to the other side. It is this kind of half-cocked faith that prevents dreams from becoming reality, goals from being accomplished and desires that are totally attainable from reaching fruition.

I shared this thought with you my brothers and sisters because I too, have been afraid to walk on water.  Yet, I understand that as I withstand the turbulent winds that are blowing in my life and continue to press toward what it is that the Lord has for me, I become a catalyst for Him to receive His due glory.  I pray that we will open our hearts and our minds to the revelation that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us (Phillipians 4:13). Truly there is more than meets the eye in each one of us, but we have to have the faith and the courage to look through the eyes of faith and see the rabbit.  I pray God’s continued blessing upon us all.

Yours In Christ,

Sister Robin P. Parham

Inspired by the the teaching of Bishop T.D. Jakes


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