God Given Gifts Stolen by the Trick of Secular Grandeur Yet Again!

Rest In Peace Now-Beautiful!

We will always have a great love for you Whitney, and truly we are so emotional thinking of the short time we had with a living legend. Rest in peace now Whitney.    There are many opinions and reflections of this great star in the eyes of the entertainment world.  The loss resonates far deeper than the secular entertainment industry.  Too many times the secular entertainment industry finds their next great star just behind the altar in the choir stands across the country.  The highlife, the promise of grandeur and fame seems to beat out seeking first the kingdom and its righteousness.  Are we mistaking the path of blessing in the church house and leading our unknowing sheep astray?

 We will hear the awesomeness of this young lady’s God-given gift, yet once again we must stand by and watch the destruction of another one.  Whitney Houston the loving daughter of Cissy Houston, the cousin of Dionne Warwick, Dee Dee Warwick and god-child of one  also known to us as the “Queen of Soul,” all  with God-given gifts displayed first from the church steps.  The friends of this renown star even anchored themselves in the Lord, many know the close relationship Whitney held with the great gospel artist CeCe Winans.

The scriptures instruct us in Proverbs 22:6 “to train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it.”  The prayers surely never ceased for the complete recovery and rebound of this our sister in Christ.  How do we embrace a departure which appeared too soon considering her age.  The secular news will always highlight the struggle of pains, addictions, dysfunctional relationships constantly publicized in the media.  If we, the saints of God, are in the world and not of the world what can we say?  No man can place anyone in hell or heaven for we too are striving  inclusion in the number counted in the arms of Jesus the moment of His return for His church.

The riches of humility vs. the poison of popularity is the decision made and the price paid when the riches come without maturity.  The danger of having too much for too long or too soon breeds discontent.  The value of hard work and hard times  hold a tremendous blessing in the healthy growth of a Christian.  God specifically lets us know in Luke chapter 16 that it is impossible to love God and Mammon (money), you will either love one and despise the other.  Where are we directing our brothers and sisters when we choose making six figures as the blessing they are looking for as God’s answer to life more abundantly.  This representation of blessing alone leaves one’s spirit, soul and heart empty running the risk of a pseudo filling of a sure void with money and what it can offer.

We misinterpret the scripture to mean that if we love God we cannot have money, but what it is saying is if you love God  you assure money stays in its place.  Finances have a purpose in ministry to support the mission of spreading the gospel, it is when the focus moves from how much money we need  and how we will get it to do the work of Christ, you have just slipped into the incorrect focus.  When we have a desire to do God’s will we are to look to Him to provide the means to support the efforts, because He has promised to give us the desires of our hearts, above and beyond what we could ever ask or think.

Less than two weeks into Black History month and we have lost two secular greats (Don Cornelius & Whitney Houston) and the respect of another mega church leader (Bishop Eddie Long) in his attempt to return to the flock after scandal.  Where do we proclaim the greatness of the Lord in the lives of His people. One of the various responses to the news of Whitney Houston’s death found the consideration of the exponential polarization of living in the public eye in today’s society.  The news of anything you do right or wrong is reported at lightening speed now-a- days.  The demise of those in leadership whether in secular or church environments place intense stress of disclosure fears at the question of not “if” it will get our but how fast.  The bar of struggling to handle the paparazzi and public damage control is set so high only God himself can reach it, and that is no exaggeration.

Calling all men and women of God!  Let us stop looking to man to set the standards of what makes up a blessing of and from God.  We cannot omit the standard set by God that to whom much is given much is required.  This principle says you are able to receive much but you must handle all with care and keeping focus of who the giver of every good gift is-God.  God must reign supreme no matter how rich or poor in the eyes of man.   Let us begin to set the proper example and standard of how to handle all God has blessed us with, keeping our duty to serve Him with it all.

You are Loved, Blessed and Anointed, now walk in it!

Christene, The Servant

God Given Gifts Stolen by the Trick of Secular Grandeur Yet Again!

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