Robert Champion: A Victim of Bullying Gone Astray in America

Robert Champion only 22 years young when he died due to a tradition of what college students identify as hazing, but actually is college legalized bullying.  The fact that the activity is a tradition associated with colleges allows others the perspective to categorize this as an accident.  When will we accept the responsibility for our brutal, self-esteem shattering social interactions with all people.  I remember my kindergarten teacher telling me that the reason the little boy is hitting you is because he likes you. REALLY!

Only meant to hurt him really bad not kill him I presume, as was the case in many of the hazing’s around the country which turn out bad.  The fact remains we are not all the same, in stamina and tolerance for specific situations in life.  There is no logical reason any terrorizing activity is labeled as harmless.

If  there is no release form signed prior to hazing how is it that there are no libel parties, a young man with the world ahead of him is now dead.  The funds saved and sacrificed by his parents to assure a great education serves as their son’s death sentence paid in full.   I know I am a bit harsh in my description, but the jarring connotations are the ones which gain the greatest attention.  On Wednesday, May 2, 2012 thirteen people are charged in the death of Robert Champion.

We must pray the outcome is one which serves to fill a small space of the loss suffered by the parents.  This instance is as an “American Tragedy” and that it is, but the potential to save the American future of college life as it regards fraternities and sororities is at hand here.  We should not need to present anymore hopeful parents with the news of their child suffering death while away in school.   That is something that is expected when a young person goes off to war, but when did going to college present the same level of death risk as military battle?  We will continue to follow the outcome of this horrible turn of events.

Robert Champion: A Victim of Bullying Gone Astray in America

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