Understanding the Unconscious Side of Racism: Lectured by john a. powell

   “Understanding the Unconscious Side of Racism” a lecture by john a. powell

Many who have travelled the road of discovering the origin of the deep seeds embedded in the core of the struggle of racism in America, will likely recognize the name of john a. powell.  The name holds a distinct characteristic first in all lowercase lettering, this is not a typo.  The distinction is purposely expressed to distinguish Professor john a. powell and to pose a nod of expression to the renowned e.e. cummings.

Professor john a. powell is as of January 1, 2012 the Director of the Haas Diversity Research Center (HDRC) and Robert D. Haas Chancellor’s Chair in Equity and Inclusion at the University of California, Berkeley.   Professor powell’s study of race has spun a wealth of literature on significant topics exploring race including structural racism, social justice, corporate power, implicit bias, regionalism, concentrated poverty and urban sprawl, opportunity-based housing, integration, affirmative action in the United States, South Africa, and Brazil, racial identity, and the needs of citizens in a democratic society.

The lecture targeted another perspective of personal recognition in how we process thoughts about race unconsciously even when it is not our intention to respond in a racist manner.  In researching some of the teachings and lectures of professor powell on www.youtube.com I discovered the consistent effort he is making to puncture the myths and stereotypes surround race.

The professor begins the lecture by identifying the key factor which represents an equality and quality of life simultaneously.  The factors are….read more in the May issue of GospelCNTRO.com Magazine

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Understanding the Unconscious Side of Racism: Lectured by john a. powell

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