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Contact: C.C. Duncan

Top 4 Financial Emotional Strategies to  Balancing Your Financial State of Mind

Book released on July 10, 2012

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“Money Manners”

( A guide to maintaining a healthy financial emotional state )

                                                     C.C.  Duncan, BBA, MBA

If you begin to get honest about   your financial decision-making history and maybe even your current situation;   you will find the emotion fear dominates in many aspects.  Allow me to introduce a positive outlook   and some specific actions you can take right now to adjust that emotional   response to money.  I call them the   basic “Money Manners”:

1.  Identify your Passion:    Review your bookshelf, watch your purchasing patterns, know what is happening   emotionally and financially when you spend and stay on top of it.

2.  Acknowledge the Mistakes:   If you can pay off any debt, now is the time to do it.  Dealing with a   recession is hard enough, but if you have a boatload of debt on top of that   your stress level will go through the roof and you might not be able to pay   it a few months down the line. Pay cash for anything you need, if you don’t   have the cash, ask yourself if you really NEED it, or do you just WANT   it?  Narrow down your credit card possession to one, cancel all others   and cut them up.

3.  Lavish Lifestyle on Less:    Seems simple, but do you need all the   bells and whistles you have on your business or home phone or even your cell   phone?  Do you need to get Starbucks twice a day? Can you bring your   lunch? Can you carpool to work? Can you get more out of a pack of ground beef   by cooking it in another way? Challenge yourself to do more with less.

4. Invest in your financial education:  Continue to educate   yourself, attend seminars, free online webinars, read books and   magazines about healthy financial characteristics, remain up to date on what   is happening in your finances.   Attend   a Money Manners workshop register here

A 20+ years educator, entrepreneur and author, C.C. Duncan   is the founder of  MM financial   literacy program targeting teens to manage their future as they manage their   finances, the author of Money Manners,

founder/editor of   Magazine.  Learn more at

This article may be reprinted only with permission and authorization from Rev, Christene Duncan.  Please include bio box and send a copy of your publication to Rev. Christene Duncan, PO Box 390422   , Denver CO 80239


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