He Comes to Kill: The intent to Murder

James Holmes, Midnight Movie Assassin

The state of Colorado is the sport’s home of the Denver Broncos, Nuggets, and Avalanche.  Colorado is distinguished by the beautiful Red Rocks in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the magnificent ski resorts i.e. Breckenridge and luxurious lifestyles offered in Aspen, Colorado for the rich and famous.   The wildlife roams in Estes Park between the creeks and luxurious cabin retreats.    The gorgeous pictures on the postcards do not do justice to the view we are blessed to see driving westward from anywhere in the inner-city.

As beautiful as this sounds is as ugly as the state is underneath the undeniable God given natural beauty.  While Colorado is rich in landscape beauty it simultaneously appears historically cursed with a demonic spirit of mass murder.   The similarity of the scenario of Colorado is identical to Satan’s original extraordinary outward beauty created by God and once cast down the inward expressions of lies, mass murder, theft and destruction.  The Wild-Wild West is an understatement as the description of the Colorado territory seated in the Western portion of the United States.  This is a name this westward region has been known for since the early western settlers in history.  The Columbine Massacre and other similar style heinous crimes are the new age reflection of this pistol packing, “Make My Day,” law environment.

The division experienced among the ecclesia in the region tends to overlook the actual burial grounds, demonic activities, free roaming debauchery and areas dominated by witchcraft.  The competitive spirits amid the Christians to fill up seats in the sanctuary to reach the goal of becoming the next T.D. Jakes or best known pastor is ridiculous.  The distraction imposed by spiritual leaders conducting their events in their specific houses has divided and thus weakened the spiritual authority and power we are to assume over the enemy in the state of Colorado.

Despite their repeated preached messages to the masses about what needs to change, it seems there are few prepared to do anything different.  Although, it is understandable when you visit some of these edifices; the lack of power present to heal a headache is a clear issue.   Are we all simply waiting for Jesus to come and believe there is nothing to do except have workshops, anniversaries, appreciations and other costly events where we claim the spirit of the Lord will be present, until He returns.  Is this the representation we have to offer a dying world?

Another deadly mishap has occurred in the region of Colorado at just about midnight.  Where are the prayer warriors? Who is on the watchtower?  The word ‘prayer’ in the body of Christ is almost snubbed in a sense, by the leaders.  Prayer is not really identified as a serious ministry in the sight of too many churches.  If it were well respected there would not be so many women left to the leadership of the prayer circles (wink-wink).   We come together when the lives are lost to pick up the wounded of another lost battle.  The enemy has a daily strategic schedule assigned among his army of imps and agents. The Christians have what strategy or should I say agenda that does not include a daily warring against the enemies attack.

The incident known around the world now as the ‘Batman Movie Massacre,’ has placed another scar of terror in the area of Colorado.  A few months ago the fight brought directly to the house of God on the Bethany strip, killing the pastor’s mother. Will we stake our claim left to us by Jesus giving us the authority to bind and cast out demons?    Is the fact that God assures us that He will not allow us to be ignorant of Satan’s devices only an illusion in our Holy Ghost filled minds; or is it a familiar statement to quote in the times of trouble.  It is only myopinion that we have been warned of his devices to develop a strategy to continue the winning streak that Jesus and the disciples began.  It is finished, and we win.  It is my prayer that we begin to unite and fight like the winners we are.

He Comes to Kill: The intent to Murder

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