How did we get here….? IN THE SYNAGOGUE


It is amazing to my sister and I, and those who find themselves after so many years of serving, worshipping, and accepting a call to preach the gospel as Christians. to be here in a synagogue.  We honestly did not see this coming.  Our desire to know more, love Him more, and please Him more overwhelmed the ‘people pleasing tradition of men’ disease we developed worshipping in the church setting over the past decades.  You may feel the same way.  And if so, then hold on to your seats as I continue to blog about this fulfilling experience of allowing the Torah to keep us.  Yes, the Law was known to us so many years as something we no longer had to keep.  The fact of the matter is that was absolutely right, it is nothing we have to do, but we get to do it.  But, even more than that, when you willingly make the choice to keep the Torah (God’s teaching and instructions) you find that you are not keeping it, but instead it is really keeping you.  Isn’t that just like our YHVH.  We will be carrying you along with us as far as you are willing to go through this journey.

The beginning of the journey was carved by my sister and I asking a few questions.  The first one was an inquiry of correction ‘How do we do this money thing in ministry God?”  That is how we identified our Father (God) at the time when this question was asked approximately 4 years ago.  There was a tremendous amount of corruption surrounding the finances in the church and we simply did not want to enter into ministry on the erroneous approaches which had obviously failed time and time again.  The topic of finances were at the top of the list of  personal concerns around the world.   If you recall 4 years ago (2010) we had recently experienced a tsunami in the financial institutions in 2008, and everyone was struggling to adjust their thoughts around the famine in the land.  Many of us are still feeling the residue of the famine in our lifestyles.

God showed up and challenged us in the midst of difficult times, surrounding the money and ministry, which was the first year of the FiveAM Prayer Conference and the Soak the Altar Conference.   You wonder if we received the answer about the money don’t you?  We will get to that, later.   Approximately 2  years after, there was another question that came from my sister Minister Jeanette R. Edwards this was a whopper!  She asked who is Jesus?  Wait one second, before you begin answering in your head, she went on to ask “What is his real name, and who is Yeshua?”  This question had come by way of one of her spiritual daughters, the name ‘Yeshua,’ for those who do not know, Yeshua is how to say Jesus in the original language of  Hebrew (Jew).   Well that sounds simple enough right!?  You don’t know my sister, that was not all of it.  What is the purest form of his name!?, she shouted!  She went on to conduct her personal survey throughout the roster of pastors, ministers, and Christian teachers that she knew.  This is where it gets sticky, a few of them confirmed the name Yeshua as the Hebraic way to pronounce Jesus’ name, but many of these Bishop’s, Pastors, Ministers or Teachers did not know.

Yet, the authenticity of Jesus’ name caused us to want to know more about this ‘Yeshua.’  We began to understand that our Savior as it was written over His head on the cross, was “Yeshua of Nazareth King of the Jews.”  We realized we were seeking to follow the example of a lifestyle of Yeshua (Jesus), but we knew absolutely nothing about what life it was that he lived. The lifestyle that led him to the synagogue at the celebration of His Bar Mitzvah, making the well known statement to his parent when they found him, “you should have known I would be about my Father’s business.”  This story could only be thoroughly understood from the perspective of the Hebrew (Jewish) culture and community.    Minister Jeanette often translates it like this, we have been standing at the cross, which is the door, but not ‘crossing over!’  And she often describes our former position without understanding the life of Yeshua, as us fighting with a broken sword.   The revelation continues to flow, because believe it or not the definition of the noun Hebrew means “to cross over.”  What we have learned over these past two years is, we are not able to live a kingdom lifestyle worthy of the name of Yeshua (Jesus) without the Torah.   Therefore, to answer the question I began this blog post with,  how did we get here? We arrive here by  pressing, seeking, and knowing that there was even more that Yahweh had for us and we are determined to get it.  After all, eyes have not seen and ears have not heard all of the wonderful things He has planned for us, but you must seek Him with your whole heart to find it.


Loving you all enough to tell you the truth….

Prophetess C. C. Duncan


How did we get here….? IN THE SYNAGOGUE

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