Make War_Resting in the SHMITA Year

MakeWar_RestThe title of today’s blog appears to be a juxtaposition of each other.

When we think of making war our minds immediately turn to what we need to do.  Although, as we have

come to learn by studying the word of YHWH, when a battle is won it is won because YHWH is present.

The TANAKH records many battles some were won and others lost, and it was clear how the battles were

won.  The group who went up to battle were kept YHWH commandments and trusted in Him.  The battle was

never won by any great army, if anything YHWH insisted that the group take as few men as possible with the

minimal amount of paraphernalia as possible.

The key and constant for all of the battles won was the banner of Yahweh, His words and promise were

stood upon.  His shield of truth as His people trust in Him despite the look of the situation.  The ability to

see YHWH as the giant and nothing that man can do or say as a superior in our lives.  This is clearly a

resting position in YHWH.  We rest in what has been promised, we call upon the name of the Lord in the

time of trouble and depend upon Him to sustain us and keep us in His rest.  Making war is uttering the words

of YHWH and keeping His commandments in our daily lives.  Making war is honoring YHWH as the

omniscient One and Only God Deut. 6:4.  Making war is not being moved from the promises, teachings and

instructions of YHWH, but holding steadfast to His Torah!

Are you making war in your rest?  You are to do nothing but hold on to YHWH’s Torah which offers you a

legal position for YHWH to move on your behalf.  The Lord tells us that He watches over His word to perform

it, but if we are not speaking to our situations or “sentencing our destiny’s” He cannot do anything on behalf

of us.  If we speak His word, as our testimony He will be able to interact and respond as he did with Moshe

(Moses) in Exodus 33:17 ” And the LORD said unto Moses, I will do this thing also that thou hast

spoken: for thou hast found grace in my sight, and I know thee by name.”


Loving you enough to tell you the truth….

Prophetess C. C. Duncan

Make War_Resting in the SHMITA Year

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