Where are we America? What is a Harbinger?


There was a shifting in our country after the vote on yesterday.  The winners of the mid-term elections believe they

can now correct many wrongs, except the ones they created in the first place, the other side believes they are at a

loss of pushing their agenda forward.  The fact of the matter the final say of our fate does not rest in either parties

hand actually.  There is a peace when you are in the will of YHWH.  The commitment of following YHWH’s teachings

and instructions in the Torah.  When you are in covenant with YHWH there is safety there.  A ruler who does not

change his mind, is unable to lie and understands what genuine justice is, because he created it.   The legal

posture to receive the blessings of YHWH in this season of SHMITA is for all who keep His commandments.  The

SHMITA year is a sabbatical year when Hebrew/Jewish culture adhere to the Hashem’s teaching and instruction to

allow the land to rest, solely depend upon YHWH.    We are the word made flesh to carry out the commands of our

Father, and we know where we are and whose we are and what time it is according to YHWH’s word that never

returns void.   The opposition is witnessed as the Republicans  win the controlling power of Congress on

yesterday.  The sooner we realize that there is no man whether Democratic or Republican that can assist us in the

clear judgment that is set upon America, the sooner we will return to our first love.   From the time of the first

president, George Washington in 1789 took the presidential oath citing the United States of America to remain

fearful to God’s ways in order to stand strong.  At this time in history there were no political parties, but after 225

since the first President was installed, we can all agree that there is a clear shift from the original passion upon

which this country was established as a God fearing country, to an environment much like that of the times

of Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah where there is need for several prophetic warnings like never before.    The prophetic

warnings are also called Harbingers, which means a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of


As someone reminded us this morning on FIVEAM Prayer,

“The only way to convince anyone is by way of a clear and obvious truth or evidence as it were.  It is better for a

person to realize the truth for themselves than have it beaten into them.”    Therefore, while you allow these words

to sink in prepare yourself for more of the clear and obvious truth.   Until tomorrow, stay on the watchtower and

keep trusting YHWH.


Loving you enough to tell you the truth….


Prophetess C. C. Duncan

Where are we America? What is a Harbinger?

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