Why Are Local Church Doors Closing?


The voices of the world are capable of being heard simultaneously today.  The ringing over the internet through social media is so loud and constant, it drowns out the tell-tell signs and screeching of the assembly of the Body of Christ.  The screeching sounds are those invoked due to the strain and pressure of the culture surrounding us today. There are many wounds obviously suffered by the world over the past decade.  While many will attempt to attribute the bulk of volatility surrounding financial statements universally as an element of decline in churches, would it be accurate to do so.  Yes, it is definitely a contributing factor, but it is inaccurate to attribute the majority of the blame to this factor.  If we are honest in our introspection we may begin to see in hindsight that the weakness was there prior to the financial turmoil felt around the world.

There is a saying in business, that we must keep our “eye on the ball,” or we will risk loosing it.  This is what I believe was happening long before a financial decline actually hit homes and church houses around the world.  There was an increase of fairy-tale financing and ‘internal greed’ that continued to go unchecked.  I do not speak to you from an opinionated position, but as an actual primary source and witness to various church houses that actually functioned in this manner. The price of appearing to be “blessed” as leaders of churches is a significant part of the ‘fairy-tale.’

A ‘status quo’  is set in the ecumenical lifestyle that looks a great deal like the worlds definition of success.  These are two words that we do find in the Scriptures ‘blessed and success.’   Therefore, it is not a lifestyle that is opposed by YHWH (God). at all, but like anything that is set before us, people are always willing to pretend to be something that they are not, or to grab for things they have not earned the right to actually obtain yet.  This world is built on the ‘quickie’, ‘short-cut’, minimal work, the easy route and way out.  We see this in all areas of achievement from education, ordination, qualification, and validation.  We hastily inquire about the quickest way to glory and we select that route.  In the eyes of the world a person would be crazy to go about anything the long way.  The long way is identified as the hard road, the wrong way, the way of the foolish according to the world.  The key point here is, this is the opinion of the world.  If this is the world’s opinion what is the Lord’s opinion?


The blessing and success that is meant for YHWH’s (God) [Deut. 28, Jos 1:8].   children what does this look like?  I know many are attempting to give us an idea of what this is, but my view on this in the body of Christ is extremely foggy at this point.   The first view is that of community, the others we will review at a later date.  This topic is worthy of an deeper thought and care of review, after all many of us have been in this culture all of our lives.  Community, what does this term really mean?  I have failed to see its existence completely in the body of Christ.  It is often mistaken for ‘cliques,’ those who are apart of the popular or the ‘in crowd’ are, ‘in the community.’  This only reflects the world yet again.  Unfortunately, the same is true for the opposite if you are apart of the unpopular or those who lack finances etc., you are ‘out.’  This is not community, but it has been passed off as such.  This style of interaction is what is identified as ‘church culture.’  The root word found in the term ‘community’ is common.  The commonality that is intended in believers is how they live their lifestyles according to the will (Torah) of YHWH (God).  .  Instead it appears that commonality has become worldly representations, such as appearance and all that encompasses this area, financial statement, gifts, skills, degrees, talents, preaching styles, who you know and the list continues.   These common points of reference do not promote a community but instead invoke the spirit of division.  We have lost our sight of the ball, which will only lead to constant falls.

The true community of YHWH (God).   understands the personal result of sin and the communal result of sin.  This is not a characteristic that is found in the church houses of today.  For instance, the story of Joshua and Akin is a great example of being of one mind in YHWH (God).  If the commandments are not kept the curse of delay falls upon the entire community.  Are those who are called by YHWH (God).   understanding the responsibility leading the body in one thought of reference to keep the commandments of God, because the law of sin and death is dispelled by the blood of Yeshua (Jesus).  The blood of Yeshua (Jesus) will go to waste if we are not living functional lives. The conduct must align with the confession, otherwise we forfeit or delay our steps to blessing and success.  The lifestyle of dysfunction is a blatant disgrace to the ‘grace’ we have been afforded to live ‘blessed and successful’ lives.  In order to do anything correctly we must be taught and given instructions.  The failure of the many churches experienced over the past decade have chosen to dismiss the pattern of blessing that YHWH(God).  has given those who trust and believe in him.  We will not obtain true blessing without it, because His word is very thing He will see to accomplish.

When we look to the origin of this life of faith, we will find out where we lost our way.  This is the normal process when we stumble and fall, if we are afforded another opportunity.  We review our method or path and regain our footing.  I petition the King for those willing to regain their footing by looking to the origin of our faith.  We claim to have our inheritance through the ‘father of faith’ Abraham that is a great place to start.


Loving you enough to tell you the truth…..

Prophetess C. C.


Why Are Local Church Doors Closing?

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