Weekly Torah Portion Review: ‘Life Out of Death’

Parasha 5: Chayeih Sarah (The Life Of Sarah)  B’resheet/Genesis 23:1 – 25:18

Week 5 Response: “Life Out of Death” Genesis 23

life out of death

      There are many different activities that have blessed our lives since embracing the TORAH, the first five books of the Holy Scriptures (Pentateuch in Greek).  When YHWH turned our attention to knowing the heritage of His gift to us, the one we knew then, as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMaschiach); what we discovered that He was raised as a Hebrew/Jewish person. Of course, we knew He was Jewish but, why had we not explored how he was prepared, by this rich Heritage to be our King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s.   The details that YHWH (God) allows are always worthy us to give our extensive attention.

Valuable details are only revealed through inquiry.  For instance, in Matt. 16:15  Jesus (Yeshua) asks the question, “But, whom do you say that I am?” The question begins the relationship and expectation of the Holy Spirit found and initiated in Peter.  Surely, Peter and the other disciples were not aware of the intrinsic value it imposed, other than revealing the dedication and passion of the disciples to Jesus’ newly initiated ministry.   Further, inquiry reveals that Jesus was interested to know what others thought of Him, but, not to the degree that it influenced anything He was assigned to do.  Jesus’ inquiry was to seek out the intensity of influence and pressure the disciples were subject to in their beliefs.  When we look at it deeper, the question Jesus (Yeshua) asked leaned more to what the disciples believed after hearing the popular vote.  The inquiry allowed Jesus to find out if peer pressure determined the opinions of some disciples; or if they would stand on what they had discovered for themselves in the short time they sat and studied with Jesus (Yeshua). The Hebrew/Jewish study of our Messiah has proved to greatly add to the missing elements in our lives as ministry leaders.  When we studied about the death of Sarah this morning, our thought was we would regard her life by the title, “The Life of Sarah,” but what we were met with was her death (Gen. 23:1).


The Hebraic mindset looks to pull “life out of death,” and for the sake of transparency, this is a reflection of our journey to Torah.  We were upon the death bed of our hope in church not Christ and His sacrifice. When we looked back over our lives and considered the time we had spent in churches and ministry we were still needing more.   The empty pews, the church member shuffle from one church to another, and those who simply left all together was a clear sign of death in the churches.  We sought more than the emotional ‘hoopla’, prophetic lures that missed the mark more times than not, the newly imposed same-sex marriage options, planting seed after seed while watching our fields decline, and rendering a small if any harvest at all. The void of integrity is becoming an epidemic, but most would rather not discuss it in public.  Over the past decade there are many who have been exposed publically, privately and are in some cases restored without rebuke.

The study of the TORAH is what Jesus (Yeshua) studied to learn how to conduct His life as a King in His abba/Father’s Kingdom.  GospelCNTRO Ministries’ mission is held in the GospelCNTRO Magazine mantra and hashtag #Pressing2LiveAKingdomLifestyle.  It is mankind’s innate goal, upon entering this world to pursue and conquer.  We often are not sure what we will conquer and many of us spend an enormous amount of time in our lifetime determining what we are destined to conquer.  Sarah was 90 years old when she finally realized her destiny to conquer.  Her womb was considered dead, but one word during a light lunch with YHWH and  Sarah found life in what was once considered dead.   I have to agree with the late Dr. Myles Munroe, “there is no waste larger than that of one who fails to find, embrace and pursue their conquest; hence their purpose in their life time”.  When we look at King David and his life as told in the Scriptures we are able to see the purpose and value in his life that continued throughout history to Jesus.  Yet, it does not end there, when we inquired about who Yeshua was? while standing in a dead place, YHWH breathed life in our dead places and turned us to the whole of His purpose in the Torah. In the Torah is the lifestyle appropriate for His only begotten Son, and all who believe in Him.   In the Torah is where we found Life.

Loving you enough to tell you the truth…

Prophetess C.C. Duncan

Weekly Torah Portion Review: ‘Life Out of Death’

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