Appointed Times Removed from MD School Calendar


The term ‘appointed times’ in our title requires defining.

The Hebrew word mo’edim is the word describing the “appointed times” of the Lord given in the Scriptures.  These special times are also referred to as ‘midra’ei kodesh,’ meaning “times in which holiness is proclaimed.” WOW!  Selah.   In the book of Leviticus 23:2 is the first time that the Torah reveals a comprehensive description of the festivals of the year, including specific special times:

  1. The Sabbath-weekly observance of Shabbat that commemorates YHWH (God as the Creator of the world. Accordingly, Shabbat is the most important of the appointed times, even more important than Yom Kippur and the Ten Days of Awe. There are 54 weekly Sabbaths in a “leap year” and 50 for regular years.
  2. Pesach, also called Passover
  3. Unleavened Bread
  4. Firstfruits
  5. Shavuot, also called Pentecost
  6. Yom Teru’ah, also called Rosh Hashanah
  7. Yom Kippur, also called the Day of Atonement
  8. Sukkot, also called Tabernacles

There are quite a few more appointed times according to the Scriptures which I encourage you to research in your free time (e.g. Hanukah, Purim).  The mo’edim instructs all, who recognize these times, in the cycles of time.  Instead of thinking of time as a linear sequence of events, Hebrew thinking tends to regard it in terms of a spiral or ‘helix,’ with a forward progression delimited by a divine pattern that recurs cyclically throughout the weeks, months, and years of life.  The cycles of life are embedded in the hearts of those who recognize the mo’edim.  When we honor the mo’edim in our homes as Joshua 25:14   “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom you will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of Amorites in whose land ye dwell, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord,” the blessings of YHWH cover us with abundant grace and mercy.

When we recognize mo’edim regularly YHWH (our God) showers us with the wisdom of knowing the seasons in which He moves throughout the earth and our lives.   In addition, there are supernatural benefits for showing up at His designated time of worship and blessing.  Each of the times in the mo’edim are assigned in scripture for the children of YHWH to show up for His corporate forgiveness, restoration, provision and blessings of protection.  The Hebraic culture understands the sin of one in the community would bring curse upon all who reside in the community.

The cyclical thought encourages us to see repeats of instances in our lives, thereby we can rightly divide where we are standing and what we are seeing transpire before our eyes.  The removal of the dates in this one school for now, is similar to that of the acts of the council of Nicea 325 A.D. in this great historical meeting of 318 Roman clergy who decided that it was no longer necessary to recognize the mo’edim (appointed times) specifically noting the Passover and Sabbath day.  Here is where we first see a shift toward error and a seemingly innocent (ignorant) idol worshipping in the churches of today.

Now we look today and there is another shift.   In a recent teaching in the synagogue a great revelation regarding the importance of origins was made, “one degree of error or shifting of an original belief will cause the next generation to veer off 100 degrees futher.”  The lack of value in maintaining origins result in a sever lack of understanding about the origins of our existence; and YHWH’s original purpose that will not change, despite our constant lack of knowledge and shifting.

Understanding the cycle of time allows us to understand this scripture is cyclical; presenting each generation from its origin until today with the same choice to make.  The Muslims (Islam) then present themselves to us as a type of ‘Amorites’ today in our lives.  The significance of one’s personal proclamation of belief is increasing with great intensity daily.  The individual household will be required to establish and supply the teaching and belief of that household.  The removal of the holidays again is the beginning of a significant shift in the land and our lifestyles.  The removal of the Jewish holidays is a continuous layering of a progressive desensitization of YHWH’s (our God’s) truth.

Remember a little over 50 years ago the opposition to prayer in public schools presented itself as an argument that fell under the group of the division of church and state.  This topic has similar characteristics for future offenses of church and state.  The bottom line here is parents, caregivers, grand parents it is time to come together for yourselves and your families and do not allow the public school systems to dictate what you will believe or not believe;  or choose what day you will celebrate and not celebrate.

If we continue to neglect our role in raising our children there is no need to complain later down the line.  I challenge you all to take this time to be bolder than you ever have before.  Add an extra time of teaching in your homes and help your child to understand thoroughly what and why you believe as you do.  Inform your child that it is important to clearly understand what you believe.  This initially appears as a bad situation, but is it possible that YHWH is pushing and encouraging us to accept the responsibility of knowing who and what we stand for?

As time progresses on this subject, it is very possible the Holy and holidays will begin to be removed from schools across this nation as there is a significant growing Muslim population in the United States.  These actions categorized as equality may find themselves permanently required of us,  literally asking citizens which God they serve to acquire services.  The times are changing and we must stay on the wall watching and praying constantly.

Loving you enough to tell you the truth…


Prophetess C. C.

Appointed Times Removed from MD School Calendar

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