Shabbat Shalom!


This is the designated day of worship the Sabbath Day.  The scripture is located in  Ex. 20:8 which is the reflection of our Creator honoring the Sabbath also in . Genesis 2:3shabbat-shalom1

The word ‘Law’ receives a negative response in the Christian churches today.  In the Jewish custom and study patterns and order we are to study prior to worship.  When we think of Moses (Moshe) and him leading the Israelites out of a pagan saturated place of slavery, we see many of the errors that were made by people on various levels.  As Moses sat in the presence of the Lord to receive His instructions, the people desired to worship.  We are created to worship YHWH (our God) and many times that worship will go forth without knowing what it is that we are actually worshipping.  This is the human nature which transpired while Moses (Moshe) was up in Mt. Sinai getting the Torah (or the Penteteuch) from YHWH our God.

We have not changed much as the vessels of God (YHWH) even today.  We are called to order and study the word of YHWH in order to understand the who, the what, the when, the where and the how of worship.  I petition the Father to stir up your inquiry of His will and order for us to give and Him to gladly receive our worship.

Loving you enough to tell you the truth..

Prophetess C. C.

Shabbat Shalom!

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