The Blood Still Cries Out…

TheKingLifestyle What we know for certain is the blood still cries out for the injustices executed on mankind.  The race card is serious, but there are other races also who are likewise cast down and racially profiled.  The African American push will breakthrough for the injustices on all minority races.



The injustice continues to be carried out toward those who were once held captives as personal property (Blacks), told they were only 3/5 of a person and this continues to repeat itself from generation to generation.   The picture highlights Dr. Martin Luther King who had a tremendous dream, he was a King with a dream, but Ahayah is our King Yashaya with the eternal inheritance.  Yashaya is the King who gives us the right to live a King’s Lifestyle.  When we fail to understand who we truly are, we discover we are more than the black man or woman who came from slaves.  There is a beginning that we omit.  When we trace the history of our heritage we will discover our Hebrew Roots.  The historical truth places you not as a grafted in branch but as a chosen people scattered generations ago.  The scattered are being called by Ahayah his remnant returns. The lost 10 tribes are the blacks.


Leviticus is the book we discussed yesterday as the first book which is taught to the Hebrew children.  It is interesting that many Christian pastors and teachers rarely teach from this book of the Torah.  The King Lifestyle is detailed in the Torah, YOU black man are Ahayah’s king.  The majority today clearly can relate to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but are drifting from their origin in this earth.  The scripture in Matthew 20:16 addresses a people who are seen as last, and they then will become first.

Mat 20:16

So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.


The scriptures have always spoken of us, yet due to historical disobedience we were scattered as the 10 Lost Tribes but Ahayah did this and promised he would gather them back unto their rightful place in Israel.  The King Lifestyle that Dr. Martin Luther King, the preacher, was alluding to is a lifestyle that Ahayah our God promised would be ours before the foundations of the world.  The truth is the truth, begin to study the Torah to understand your Hebrew Roots  which is your Kingly heritage and authority in this realm on earth. We are called to a position after the order of Melchizedek a Priest and King.  We are called to have dominion not to be a doormat for the world.


Loving you enough to tell you the truth…

Prophetess C. C. Duncan

The Blood Still Cries Out…

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