Thank you Ahayah(The Most High God) for all you continue to do!


Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful morning I have experienced worshipping Ahayah (our God) already and I have not had my first cup of coffee yet (need a cup now)!  Today we are all excited about the feast that is prepared to share with family and friends.  This is a day where everyone takes a moment to focus on our lives and all for which we are thankful.  The truth of the matter is the exercise of remembering and expressing what we are thankful for is a holy exercise that begins to eradicate sin from our lives.

First, let me define the Hebraic meaning of the word ‘sin’ it means ‘to miss the mark.” We are on a journey shooting arrows to hit the bulls eye on each target set before us with purpose. Come on lets be honest, with so many distraction today, we often get off track.  It was a tremendous revelation to me this morning to discover that the word ‘thanks’ in the Hebrew is defined as follows:

Thanks   Lexicon :: Strong’s H3034 – yadah

  1. to throw, shoot, cast
    1. (Qal) to shoot (arrows)
    2. (Piel) to cast, cast down, throw down as in to confess and turn a way from sin
    3. (Hiphil)
      1. to give thanks, laud, praise
      2. to confess, confess (the name of God)


I stated earlier that thanks is a holy exercise, here you can see the process of repentance, forgiveness, mercy and grace and the strength to walk in the full confession of Yashaya (Jesus) in our lives.  When I refer to a full confession, I am referring to when your confession matches identical with your behavior or your lifestyle.  This is why studying of the Torah is essential to the Church which is the body of Christ.  When we think of speaking words we understand they derive from the head, TORAH (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy), and these are the confessions that the body of Christ (Church) should execute to reflect the image of which we are created.

If we continue daily to thank Ahayah (our God) for all things, He is faithful to help us along and give to us as we have need.  The true essence of Thanksgiving, is the representation of the Head (Ahayah in Yashaya) and the body of Christ (Church) standing together, in the sowing and reaping of a sacrifice of praise and thanks to Ahayah (the Most High God) and him giving us all that we need to sustain life.   Do not forget to thank Him every day!  Here is my final thought on thanksgiving that Ahayah impressed in my heart today.


Thank you Ahayah(The Most High God) for all you continue to do!

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