The Joy of Torah Life

belly of Sheep_torah

A transformation takes place in the heart of the one who the Ruah HaKadosh (Holy Spirit) leads to a deeper truth.  The revelation of the Torah is a treasure found by those who sit in the pews Sunday after Sunday believing deep within that there is something missing.  We are all prompted to reach for greatness when we accept Jesus (Yeshua) as our personal Lord and Savior.  Each person is prompted by the ministry leader to search ones soul, and consider their current living conditions to decide at that moment if they are ready to accept what Christ offers.   In the eleventh chapter of Matthew v. 28 the red letters we recognize as Yeshua (Jesus) himself tells us he will give us rest.  Therefore, it is clear that there is a promise of rest for the weary.  There is a promise of blessed relief that will fill our lives when we pick up our crosses and follow Yeshua (Jesus).

Many of us made this decision in our lives at a young age due to the influence of our parents and grandparents.  It is safe to say our cultural influence dictated our decisions.   We believed as our parents and grandparents believed.  As descendants of slaves we were clear that we needed to reach for God, to get through intense levels of discrimination suffered throughout history.   It was common for us to believe in God as we had come to know Him in our lives.  If we did not many of us would have given up on life long ago.

Although the practice of reaching for God that I had grown to know from my childhood was not filling my soul according to the promise of completion that I understood the scriptures to offer me anymore.  After 48 years of experiencing the Christian culture I was raised in, and believing its truth, also raised my children seemed to be failing us.   We had many instances that were simply not lining up with what we thought was the norm for Christian interaction among Christians.   It was looking like “Swiss Cheese” Christianity, there seemed to be several holes in this proclaimed solid foundation when it came to integrity.   A mystery cloud often tumbled in my spirit to know how.  Many of the examples or leaders were unable to guide us toward what Jesus claimed we could have, the way he said we could have it.  We were guided to do as the Roman’s do, and to not ‘rock the boat,’ and continue to exist in a type of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ community.

One of the most disappointing things I have had to experience is committing so much of my life and time to the Torahless Christian lifestyle along with my children only to come to the understanding that the nudging in my spirit was right all the time.  The joy of the Torah life is phenomenal first for God (YHVH), the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, loving me enough to answer me by removing the scales from my eyes as I kept seeking to obey Him.  Secondly, knowing that we can actually honor God and his word at his appointed times is also a glorious sense of confidence He gives us.   Finally, the ability to see the instructions and why we do what we do actually appearing in the Scriptures we read to ourselves, to our children and now our grandchildren.  After spending so many years following and worshipping man through the mandate of denominationalism, and pretending this was how we were to best serve God was finally over.  This was a joyous moment in my Torah life.  I spend much of my time thinking about my children and their sufferings experienced because we simply did not ask questions.

The Good Ol’ Boys Club, a euphemism of the leadership and decision makers whether political or religious, are ultimately an extremely influential force in the churches in the world.   This group supports a systematic stronghold that allows continuous manipulation to believe that doing what is established in their manmade doctrines (actual manuals or books) verses what God has said is how God expects us to serve Him.  It is a journey we each must take for ourselves unfortunately.  I do not despise my history of how I arrived at this point in my relationship with God (YHVH), because He has used it all for me to continue to draw closer to him in spirit and truth.   This journey through the what I call, “the muck and the mire”, has given my life a greater understanding of the scripture in Romans 3:4 “…let God be true, but every man a liar;” and not to pull this content out of context; this segment of scripture is Paul addressing the religious leaders who wanted to squabble over the practice of circumcision for the Gentiles to be considered righteous.   Likewise, I do not need to squabble about anything that is done by anyone in the name of God receiving glory.  I will simply allow God’s word to judge my journey, lead my life and give Him glory.   It feels great to taste true liberty.  Greater works shall I do as I continue experiencing the Joy of the Torah life.

Loving you enough to tell you the truth,

Prophetess C. C. Duncan

The Joy of Torah Life

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