The Kingdom is recognized only by faith


When contemplating the Kingdom of Heaven it reveals where our heart is.  The scripture that states we are in the world but not of the world is referencing the Kingdom that is to manifest on earth as it is in heaven through the faith of believers now. There is a pretext which is important to review when considering the Kingdom at hand.  The pretext is to have an understanding of a solid principle and concept of a topic or object.  In this case there a pretext required of the Kingdom and what that means to us and what it meant to the original audience.

The good news was good only because Yeshua’s audience understood the pretext of what a kingdom meant.  The pretext of the kingdom is essential to the teaching and ministry of Yeshua.  The word pretext is a reason or excuse given to hide the real reason for something…  The messages Yeshua delivers in the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) presumes the premise that there is a learned understanding by His disciple audience that was not totally transparent and definitely hidden from the general audiences Yeshua addressed. Yeshua often looked to his disciples to be familiar and understand the pretext of most of His messages.

The kingdom is proclaimed and the disciples are prepared, or so Yeshua expected.  A historical knowledge of the promised restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven gained from the TNK (TANAKH) is anticipated by Yeshua in the disciples.  The disciples were familiar with the principles of this kingdom of which Yeshua stated was ‘at hand’ by studying the Torah and the 613 principles from the oral accounts of the 10 words or what we commonly identify as the “Ten Commandments”.   The entire collection of the Torah, Nevi’im (prophetic books), and the Ketuvim (poetic, and historical writings) known as the TANAKH, point to the restoration of a kingdom by a sovereign king.

The Kingdom is only recognized by faith.  The Kingdom message Yeshua proclaimed during his ministry is intriguing when considering the pretext.  The select audience, who studied and carried the word about restoring His kingdom for so many years, had a difficult time recognizing it when Yeshua the Messiah finally arrived. Their main concern was about the restoration of the land of Israel only.  Unfortunately, this proved to be a stumbling block for the Jewish audiences during the period.  The concept of thought in gaining possession of the land was at the forefront of their minds.  When we consider this element be careful not to judge them in a negative light; we simply need to see them in a human light.  The inability to see past our own personal and immediate circumstances is common to the mankind.   The instinctive human need of self-preservation succinctly drives the motives and decisions in our daily lives.  The desire for justice and self-preservation is all the disciples and the Jewish leaders contemplated.

Their ideas were built upon promises of God found in the Torah; but were interpreted according to their present circumstances.  The idea of the benefit from a revolutionary movement to restore their culture in their day was irresistible.  For instance, in the prophetic book of Isaiah it is prophesied that there will be a son born and raised to restore their government (kingdom) in Isa. 9:6.  This scripture along with other prophetic references of the coming Messiah guided the Jewish cultural efforts to hold on to God’s word.

The scriptures promise restoration of the Kingdom and the cessation of oppression among God’s people, then recognized as the Israelites.  Although, they never considered it an error to desire the restoration at that time, not recognizing it would institute the established traditions and lofty religious restrictions as a superior government in the Kingdom.  Unfortunately, there is NO PLACE in the word of God for any religion!!!!   The number one block to the Kingdom is religion.  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, this is referring to the heavily laden traditions of men, even in the Jewish religious sects.  This brings us back to the title today; the Kingdom is recognized only by faith.  “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,”    The Jewish culture waited on the promised Messiah and lacked the faith to see Him, and therefore the Kingdom.  The Gentiles are extended an olive branch through Paul and position themselves to become heirs to the Kingdom also.  Yet, there is still an error in conception in that respect.  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  The term ‘at hand’ is a King James or English phrase that means “close by in time or space.”  The Gentiles received the olive branch and marched on to develop another branch of a religious culture called Christianity.

The key to understanding in any form of communication is having correct concepts.  Concepts are ideas. The part of the word ‘cept’ in concept actually means to think.  If your concept is wrong your conclusions will be wrong and in essence your thinking is wrong.  The concepts of the Jewish magistrates at the time did not line up with Yeshua’s, and the Gentiles still had no clue.   God is waiting for our concepts to align together and with His.  This is something only He can do:

Jer 23:3 And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase.
Jer 31:31 Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:



Studying the Torah that holds the proper concepts or ideas with the love and grace intended by God and expressed through Yeshua molds our ideas with God’s.   The kingdom idea is found in the original concept held in the Torah first given to the Israelites, after they were delivered from the Egyptian system.  The renewal of the mind begins.  The process of renewing our minds is essential, our thoughts are not His thoughts and neither are our ways like the Mighty One.   The Kingdom is only recognized by faith and that faith is developed by hearing the word of God.


Loving you enough to share the truth,

Prophetess C. C.

The Kingdom is recognized only by faith

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