Is there a ‘New Normal’?

There are two words that are morally dangerous to this “Information Age” of mankind.  Those two words are “new” and “normal.”  These two words have recently been combined to redefine universal practices, values or processes that are now viewed as acceptable.  This practice of redefining words is the oldest practice of deception known to man.  If your definition of a word is different from another’s definition effective communication is virtually impossible.  Does this mean that the two parties are unable to discuss the topic peaceably?  No, and that is the problem.  We can speak for hours discussing a topic with another individual and never understand or realize that neither person was referring to the word or topic in the same manner.   Therefore, the question is was the conversation or communication effective?  The answer is NO!

Unfortunately, this erroneous communication is spreading faster than ever on the backs of social media, distant communication mechanisms and our need for speed.  Our society is operating under the influence of an ADD (attention deficit disorder) mentality.  The inability to retain a person’s attention is shrinking faster than we are able to clearly communicate a redefined term, which imposes guaranteed impaired communication.  It is dangerous when the most influential entities are those who are in the business of advertising and marketing.  When we look at the title of today’s blog everyone recognizes this term as one of the latest sitcom series on prime-time television.  Yet, unless we say the word ‘Torah’ in specific circles very few will understand what it is or represents and this word has been around for a little more than 3300 years.

Let’s pause here and think about what normal means.  If we review the function of natural laws, for instance, there is a natural law to gravity that all mankind recognizes as normal.  We understand if we throw something in the air it WILL fall to the ground.  This is ‘normal’ because of the law of gravity.  A fish surviving in an aquatic environment is ‘normal,’ and a natural law.  If you remove a fish from the sea, fish tank or bowl and lay them on dry land, the end result is known by everyone because it is normal and natural for a fish to survive in water.  The fish will die because they are not in their natural environment which is a law of nature.   Mankind also has laws of nature surrounding reproduction, growth, and death.  The Torah is accurately defined as YHVH’s teaching and instructions, many also identify it as law.  These instructions hold the identical unchangeable power of normalcy as the laws of nature for those who identify themselves with Yeshua HaMaschiach (Jesus Christ).  There are natural laws and spiritual laws and they are unchangeable.

The challenge of our generation is to bring light to the error of those who believe they can develop ‘new norms’ that stand against natural and spiritual laws.  The origin of marriage or what constituted an authentic marriage was never a question many decades ago; but today we have a human invoked adjustment of meaning that goes against the natural laws of progression redefining the thought of what is right in our generations.  We are the only creatures in nature who go against our set pattern of coexistence.  When man begins to develop a language and adjust the laws to suit the rebellion against what is actually normal and identify it as a ‘new norm,’ it is safe to say that this is not a ‘new norm,’ but really an abnormality.  The ‘new normal’ is the attempt to present an abnormality (one that goes against the natural or spiritual law) as common practice.  This can often become volatile if we join enough people with the same decision.  This type of thought comparison goes on in a democracy.  What is misinterpreted in the scriptures is that those who accept Yeshua as Lord and Savior will be set free without accepting the ruler and lordship of a King.  This concept of thought is a severe error, a political compromising hireling cannot offer you the proper leadership that Yeshua says is at hand.  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. When we declare Yeshua is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s many hear this and even quote this but do not understand the intensity of what this means in the life of those who claim to believe on Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMaschiach).   The king is sovereign in His kingdom and what he has set as the rule or law is final.  There is no democracy or group of people to gather together to make decisions on how the general body of people should believe, if they should change their beliefs or adjust the way we live according to the most popular vote.  There is no new normal, it is an abnormal presentation of the truth.

Loving you enough to tell you the truth,

Prophetess C. C. Duncan

Is there a ‘New Normal’?

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