In the Middle of the Street

imageI wake up abruptly from a reoccurring dream. The title of the blog today is the self appropriated title of that dreimageam.  There is a childhood story behind this dream. As a young child, the age of a toddler, there was an incident where I fell out of the back of my grandmother’s car while it was taking off from in front of the house.  I had this dream for years until one year around the age of 8-10 years old, maybe older, I mentioned the dream to my mom and she confirmed that it was not a dream, but an actual fact of my life embedded in my subconscious.

In the Weekly Torah portions over the past few weeks we are studying the event of the Great Exodus. The wilderness experience is a story of spiritual growth.  The account of the Israelites experience in the wilderness is a tool for our edification, to gain insight on how YHWH will deal with each of us when we make a conscious decision to follow, seek, and obey His commandments.

The memory of sitting in the middle of the street as a toddler inspired feelings of desertion, neglect and being overlooked.  These are clearly many of the same emotional stresses experienced and expressed by the Israelites in the wilderness.  Before awakening from the dream abruptly, I see myself as the toddler, sitting in the middle of the street watching the rear of the car driving down the street getting smaller and smaller in the distance. Meanwhile the neighbors across the street are yelling to gain the driver’s, my grandmother’s, attention.

The Israelites constantly yelled at Moshe to pgain the attention of YHWH.  The promise of their security according to Moshe was immediately noticeable.

The annual review of the Torah allows us the opportunity to examine the dependencies still lingering in our hearts. The Ruah HaKodesh (Holy Spirit)  revealed the wilderness as simulation of a heart conditioner. Once anyone goes through a wilderness experience the contents of the persons heart is irrevocably personified.  The term ‘heart conditioner’  is not a process of aid to the state of the heart, but it reveals the condition of a man’s heart to them. The heart conditioner does not reveal anything to YHWH, He is the only one who knows the content of a man’s heart, Jer. 17:1. YAHWEH pulls and guides the reins of man’s heart.  The conditioning and training begins as YAHWEH conditiions your heart. The true condition of the heart is revelaled to man and all who witness the behaviors exposed during the wilderness experience.

The wilderness is an empty place in the sense we are clueless of what is out there; likewise men are clueless of the content of their hearts.  The wilderness draws out fear, strength, courage, unfaithfulness, tenacity, dedication and all the issues that are housed in the well spring of the heart. The words that come forth from a man’s mouth, I will add while under pressure, come forth from his heart.  In the middle of the street or in the middle of your wilderness, take note of what you are made of in difficult times. The wilderness season is a spiritual S.W.O.T. Analysis.

Loving you enough to tell you the truth,

Prophetess C. C.


In the Middle of the Street

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