The Counting of the Omer: Day 15

Day15The Counting of the Omer Day 15:  The Road to Transformation

“And you shall count for yourselves from the day after the Sabbath…Count fifty days to the day after the seventh Sabbath; then you shall offer a new grain offering to the Lord.”(Leviticus 23: 15-16 NKJV)

The Counting of the Omer covers a fifty-day period of time from the Feast of First Fruits until Shavuot (Pentecost). Beginning with the day of First Fruits, each subsequent day is counted for seven complete weeks, plus one day – fifty days. During the Counting of the Omer, we “count up” to the Feast of Shavuot (the 50th Day) with each day of counting, adding to the growing expectation of what Pentecost will bring. During the Counting of the Omer, each day 8 verses from Psalm 119 is read and meditated upon,  causing us to review the condition of our hearts before God.


“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to count the omer: Tonight will be the 15th night of the Omer, which is two weeks, and 1 night.”

Day 15  Psalm 119:113-120


113 I hate doubleminded people, but I love your Torah.

114 You are my hiding-place and shield; I put my hope in your word.

115 Leave me alone, you evildoers, so that I can keep my God’s mitzvot.

116 Uphold me, as you promised; and I will live; don’t disappoint me in my hope.

117 Support me; and I will be saved, always putting my attention on your laws.

118 You reject all who stray from your laws, for what they deceive themselves with is false.

119 You discard the wicked of the earth like slag; this is why I love your instruction.

120 My body trembles for fear of you; your rulings make me afraid


Meditation on Day 15:

The opening verse gives a harsh proclamation to the one who lacks the integrity of making a stand.  The double-minded individual is one who attempts to consider more than one way to obtain blessing.  This description is based on how James categorizes those who are doubtful James 1:7-8  “Indeed that person should not think that he will receive anything from the Lord, because he is double-minded, unstable in all his ways.”  Here James references the receipt of blessings around the doubtful or the double-minded.  I challenge you to be honest today in answering this question.  Do you find that the  options that are constantly attempting to get our attention impose difficulty to making a definite decision?  For instance, a simple trip through the drive-thru will present at least 10 options about one order.  When we count the omer this is the time of a definite decision to look to God’s Torah for our answers at all times.  Turning our attention to the counting of the omer places us in the practice of looking in one direction to resolve all issues in our lives- toward the Torah by the Holy Spirit.  

The 119 Psalm is a collection of twenty two poems each made up of eight verses starting with the same Hebrew letter it represents.  Hebrew tradition says King David used the Psalm to teach his children the Hebrew alphabet.  This Psalm is one of the ways we know the order of the letters in Ancient Hebrew to this day.  The clear theme of the Psalm is David’s love and respect for YHWH and His TORAH.

As we read this prayer filled Psalm we look at every occurrence that speaks of the commands or the law as instructions from God, intended to correct our aim toward maintaining a functional lifestyle.  According to Jeremiah 31:33 God will write His laws upon the heart of man.

It is the heart and consciousness, where the proverbial ‘hardened outer core’ encases the heart altering spiritual growth. When we give our life to the LORD and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to live within us our spirit is to commune with His.  Communing with YHWH our God creates a ‘moldable’ heart, meaning our hearts desires learn to align with YHWH’s desires.  We then are on track to attain the identical status as David gained in YHWH’s eyes, as a man after YHWH’s own heart.

The battle with improper thoughts imposing themselves upon the mind continues; leading to temptation affecting the choices, words and actions we execute.  Here is where the selfishness housed in the flesh opposes the will of God.  The counting of the omer brings greater attention to this struggle and how to overcome by turning to the principles of the Torah and the Holy Spirit.  Psalm 119 is a blessing Yahweh uses to apprehend us while aligning our will with His will.

Loving you enough to share the truth,

Prophetess C. C.


The Counting of the Omer: Day 15

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