The Counting of the Omer: Day 28 “…,then I will have an answer.”


The Counting of the Omer covers a fifty-day period of time from the Feast of First Fruits until Shavuot (Pentecost). Beginning with the day of First Fruits, each subsequent day is counted for seven complete weeks, plus one day – fifty days. During the Counting of the Omer, we “count up” to the Feast of Shavuot (the 50th Day) with each day of counting, adding to the growing expectation of what Pentecost will bring. During the Counting of the Omer, each day 8 verses from Psalm 119 is read and meditated upon,  causing us to review the condition of our hearts before God.

“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to count the omer: Tonight will be the 28th night of the Omer, which is Four weeks,

Day 28- Psalm 119:41-48


41 May your grace come to me, Adonai, your salvation, as you promised;

42 then I will have an answer for those who taunt me; for I trust in your word.

43 Don’t take away completely my power to speak the truth; for I put my hope in your rulings;

44 and I will keep your Torah always, forever and ever.

45 I will go wherever I like, for I have sought your precepts.

46 I will speak of your instructions even to kings without being ashamed.

47 I will delight myself in your mitzvot (commandments), which I have loved.

48 I will lift my hands to your mitzvot (commandments), which I love; and I will meditate on your laws.


Meditation Day 28 “…then I will have an answer.”

The mystery behind the statement used in the blog title, utters the resolve or the answer as the Torah.  The authority, plan and destiny found in the Torah is described in these verses.  There is an overtone of recognition in this statement, ” your grace come to me, Adonai, your salvation, as you promised; the promise is the insurance of thought, expectation, and Faithfulness of Yahweh our God.  The One and only God, “Shema, Israel the Lord our God is One [Deut. 6:4).”  There is an authority in everyone’s life.  Our question today is how much of the authority do you posses.  The authority is determined by the level of faith quests we take on with our confidence in Yahweh’s faithfulness.  If our challenge involves relationships then when we adhere to the Torah and walk in the confidence of Yahweh’s faithfulness any situation will end with both participants remaining cordial and promptly loving each other all the more.

I will have the answer when I learn to love your Torah.  This response directs you to the love and community we are building.  In the proper growth of community we build a desire to  love and gain the blessing or benefit that comes in unity.  Unity is where Yahweh commands the blessing.  In verse 43 it reads, “Don’t take away, completely, my power to speak the truth; for I put my hope in your rulings.”  This verse sparks interest this  week.  The realization of what the Torah is to our lives ignites a passion to seek Yahweh with intensity.  The effective action is the power to speak truth and rulings to the local community. Once we witness the community is adhering to truth and rulings of the Torah the manifestation is the functional competencies mentally, physically, financially and emotionally spread throughout the community.  Here is where the dysfunctional lifestyles many are living is reversed through the obedience to Yahweh’s Torah.  Obedience brings the blessing. The counting of the Omer is historically a time of introspection of our hearts daily before our God.  When Pentecost (Shavuot) arrives we anticipate that our attention toward obedience and truth concerning his rulings about ourselves (looking in the mirror not toward anyone else), will burned by the fire of the Holy Spirit who has led us to these truths.  The Holy Spirit will burn within and allow all impurities (thoughts, behaviors, and language) to be burnt off and we walk as new in our hearts.  What are you expecting from Yahweh?   In verse 45 it reads, “ I will go wherever I like, for I have sought your precepts.”  The answers are in the precepts, principles and rulings of the Torah is what David is proclaiming.

On a personal note:

In review of the past 19 years I have been in ministry my largest desire communicated in the form of a question has always surrounded, “How do I do this?”  Many years of ministering to people, event planning, ministry development, setting up bible college curriculums, seminary education, bible study teaching and so much more, I have kept this question at the forefront of all that I do for the Lord.  In my opinion it is impossible to be a teacher or ambassador for Christ without knowing how we are to live and walk.  Let me clarify, knowing and how to apply and live it all out daily.  Jesus was an example, I have been hard pressed to find an example today.  The premise of ‘grace’ alone is futile in a world filled with insurmountable oppositions of moral, ethical and truthful character traits.  The Torah was given to Moses and the Israelites after seven weeks of counting the Omer; likewise as the practice of counting the Omer continues down through history the apostles waited to receive, yet again, a blessing from Yahweh.  The Israelites received the Torah, His teaching and instructions combined with the Holy Spirit received by the apostles; here is an infallible suit of armor on “How to do this?”  How to live, love, relate to one another, conduct business, raise our children, defeat our enemy and use our access with the keys to the Kingdom.  We will then quote David honestly in understanding better his testimony of, “I will go wherever I like, for I have sought your precepts.”

Once you look to the Torah with the power of the Holy Spsirit,….then you will have the answer to the question “How do I do this?”.


loving you enough to share the truth,

Prophetess C. C.







The Counting of the Omer: Day 28 “…,then I will have an answer.”

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