The Counting of the Omer: Day 32 “The Comfort of Grace”


The Counting of the Omer Day 32:  The Road to Transformation

“‘From the day after the day of rest — that is, from the day you bring the sheaf for waving — you are to count seven full weeks, 16 until the day after the seventh week; you are to count fifty days; and then you are to present a new grain offering to Adonai.”  Leviticus 23: 15-16 (CJB)

The Counting of the Omer covers a fifty-day period of time from the Feast of First Fruits until Shavuot (Pentecost). Beginning with the day of First Fruits, each subsequent day is counted for seven complete weeks, plus one day – fifty days. During the Counting of the Omer, we “count up” to the Feast of Shavuot (the 50th Day) with each day of counting, adding to the growing expectation of what Pentecost will bring. During the Counting of the Omer, each day 8 verses from Psalm 119 is read and meditated upon,  causing us to review the condition of our hearts before God.

“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to count the omer: Tonight will be the 32th night of the Omer, which is Four weeks, and four days.

Day 32 Psalm 119: 73-80


73 Your hands made and formed me; give me understanding, so I can learn your mitzvot.

74 Those who fear you rejoice at the sight of me, because I put my hope in your word.

75 I know, Adonai, that your rulings are righteous, that even when you humble me you are faithful.

76 Let your grace comfort me, in keeping with your promise to your servant.

77 Show me pity, and I will live, for your Torah is my delight.

78 Let the proud be ashamed, because they wrong me with lies; as for me, I will meditate on your precepts.

79 Let those who fear you turn to me, along with those who know your instruction.

80 Let my heart be pure in your laws, so that I won’t be put to shame.

Meditation Day 32 “Comfort

Our meditation during the counting of the Omer serves as a guide or pattern to spiritual growth for mankind,  who is the harvest of YHWH. The significance of the appointed times align with the natural inclination of the earth which is the Lords.  YHWH invokes patterns to aid us in understanding how to worship, serve and love Him as our God.  The Spring brings newness, and likewise the newness of our lives is expected when we honor the time period set by YHWH.  We flourish in seasons that are ordered by God.  The scripture tells us this, in Proverbs  “A righteous man’s footsteps are ordered by God,” when we align our steps to honor God in his appointed times we are allowing our footsteps to be directed by His words, the same words uttered from YHWH to Moses on Mt. Sinai.  The original and ancient path begins to open up the treasures held up due to a lack of obedience by our forefathers.  The time of restrictions have come and are lifted!  The obedience to God’s Torah in this season, is not self-invoked, it is a clear sign of YHWH’s grace.

The term ‘grace,’ is one that is violated by overuse, manipulated and misguided numerous individuals.  in the Christian settings.  Is there no ‘grace,’ that regards holiness is the authentic question for today and the church.? There is no such thing as holiness outside of our God YHWH.  All that YHWH has blessed us with ‘grace,’ included remains holy simply because of the one who gifted us with it.  The appointed time and season of counting the Omer sets the pace for your life on throughout the year.  When you look at the Hebrew calendar this season, Feast of Weeks and Counting the Omer, is one where the planting and harvesting is destined.   The season to plant is now when the crop or due diligence in faith by grace is exposed before a true and living God.

The pattern associated with  YHWH’s season of gifting is embedded in the instructions He gave us in His Torah.  I wait in expectation as King David did, I intentionally, “Let your grace comfort me, in keeping with your promise to your servant.”  The power of knowing when YHWH will and will not bless is phenomenal.  There are so many desiring to know what is going on in their lives.  Many have spent decades committed in their lives and have become despondent about where they are in life.   While YHWH our God stands speaking softly to us  The promises are given to all and are available to all, but not without faith, perseverance, and  it concerns our blessings.

The blessings of God are put to the test, as we locate the principle or the word He gave to Moses.  When we study the depth of the word, “word” as it refers to God speaking to us from a Hebraic perspective of course there are several understandings.  The Hebrew word  ‘dabar,’  is often referenced, but there is another term that refers to YHWH speaking to us as His loving children, the word is ‘emor.’   The Hebrew function of the word emor is not only to speak, but how that speaking is done.  Emor is used in the connotation to speak softly, kindly, or gently.  It is expressed in the desire to speak in the spirit of giving loving instruction as a parent does with his/her child.  Emor means intimate.  Dabar is simply stating what needs to be done and how it is to be accomplished.  Emor conveys the deep heart-felt compassion toward the one being instructed.

The Torah is what Moses received, and what YHWH our God expects from all of mankind.  The word was given at that time to Moses and reverenced as holy.   The same is likewise for the giving of the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh), it is reverenced as holy.   The aim for many to know  God in the beauty of holiness and the power of His might is ushered in with ‘grace.  The grace that guides us to truth, the grace that reprimands us when we fall short, the grace that that is running rapid,  to get back to the ancient path- His original intention for mankind-His Torah.

Loving you enough to share the truth,

Prophetess C. C.




The Counting of the Omer: Day 32 “The Comfort of Grace”

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