The Counting of the Omer: Day 33 “Against All Odds”


“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to count the omer: Tonight will be the 32th night of the Omer, which is Four weeks, and four days.

Day 33 Psalm 119: 81-88


81 I am dying to know your salvation; my hope is in your word.

82 My eyes fail from watching for your promise; I ask, “When will you comfort me?”

83 For I have shriveled like a wineskin in a smoky room; still, I don’t forget your laws.

84 How long can your servant stay alive? When will you bring judgment on my persecutors?

85 The arrogant have dug pits for me to fall in; this is not in keeping with your Torah!

86 All your mitzvot [show your] faithfulness; they are hounding me with lies; help me!

87 They have nearly ended my life on earth, but I have not abandoned your precepts.

88 In keeping with your grace, revive me; and I will observe your spoken instructions.

Meditation Day 33

Against of odds is normally where we meet YHWH our God.  His faithfulness is always surrounding us, but we often select Him last, when we have exhausted all other avenues.  This is considered a rebellious attitude for those who know what the word says about our God.  The goal is to never abandonYHWH precepts regardless of our natural environment.

loving you enough to share the truth,

Prophetess C. C.








The Counting of the Omer: Day 33 “Against All Odds”

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