America ” A New Land” to Whom?

Who you are and what makes you who you are is defined in the construct of the actions you make.  The historical breadcrumbs of America reveal struggle, hardship, pain and death.  Yet, these attributes are erroneously accredited to the American instead of those who held the possession of this land initially.  This country is known for labeling, branding, stereotyping and isolating in a bullish fashion.  In my continued research I discover “America the Beautiful, is really America the “Bully-full.”  As I continue to dig and learn more about the heritage of my people, I am forced to learn more of this countries history by default.  Although, the great side to this is the American history directly aligns with the hidden Israelite history and ends up ultimately giving validity to the history of a hidden people.


The scholars will label this knowledge as historical findings; likewise the biblical culture view it as a witness in biblical terms.  The scripture informs us that the word of the Most High is always confirmed by two to three witnesses (Deut 17:16; 2Cor. 13;1).   On Thursday, November 24, 2016, many will enjoy a few days off from work in recognition of a day established by those who (in their terms) founded America.   I implore you to dig deeper into what you recognize and celebrate.   This day is no day of joy for me and my family anymore.  Once you learn or discover anything, it is impossible to unlearn it.     Now understanding that we (specifically my family the ‘Negros’) are the people of the bible by identifying which people (nations) align with the curses according to Deuteronomy 28: 14-68 today; it is likewise clear to us who our brothers are.

In Genesis 49:19 it reads, “Gad a troop shall overcome him; but he shall overcome at the last.”  As we continue to identify the lost sheep according to scripture, following in the Yashaya Ha Maschiach’s (the Messiah’s) foot steps, according to (Jer. 50:6; Matt. 15:24) “But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel,” we look to history to confirm another of our ten lost brothers.  The authentic story of the ten lost tribes find them in the Northern Kingdom for a time, but captured by the Assyrians thereafter.  The Apocrypha holds the remainder of their story.  The captive conditions were not favorable and the Israelites determined they would not remain in captivity, but instead chose to return to the laws, statues and writings of the Most High as they were called to do.  They plotted to flee and go to another land where no one had ever been, the land was called Arsareth which is known today as America (Read Apocrypha 2Esdras 13:40-45).   This land is located up and around the travels of the Euphrates River.  The story is strong and deep, because if you know your history you will know this is the direction the excursion of Christopher Columbus took; being sponsored by an interesting people (study for a later date).

Let us catapult further into the historical interactions of the Europeans and what some identify as the ten lost tribes of the biblical scriptures, and keep our attentions on one of the tribes which possessed this land that no man has known, called Arsareth, or now known as the Americas according to Christopher Columbus  in 1492 but it was only the beginning of the violations of massacre, pillage, rape and defilements.  After all, they did not know how to work and survive on the land, therefore they befriended these people to learn their knowledge.

Ironically, the first official “Day of Thanksgiving” was proclaimed in 1637 by Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop.  He did so to celebrate the safe return of English colony men from Mystic, Connecticut. They massacred 600-700 Pequot (so called “Indians”), collectively known as the lost ten tribes, and we identify one as being the Tribe of GAD .After the English Colony ministered to them, they laid down their weapons and accepted Christianity. They were rewarded with a vicious and cowardly slaughter by their new “brothers in Christ.

Watch the video to gain additional knowledge on this day people want to call a day of Thanks.  I do not doubt that someone was thankful and for their own reasons, but honestly I will never acknowledge this day in the same way again.  I thank the Most High for waking me up, and we send great love to our brothers who were slaughtered the Pequot in the name of Christ on this day.



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America ” A New Land” to Whom?

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