Daily Prompt: Liminal

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GospelCNTRO Ministries is experiencing a liminal state now.  The United States of America and its residents share a liminal state or frustration, depending on how one handles transition or change.  A transitioning posture offers a view to consider the recent past and the promises of the future.  The juxtaposition of a liminal state  of existence breeds constant questions, answers, calm, hope, perplexity, doubt and opposition.

The ambiguity brought upon by a transition is only the beginning step of transitioning, after all, decisions are already made before arriving at the point where one determines a transition is necessary or coming.  Although, those decisions only lead to the determination of the next steps of future, hope and resolution.   There are many levels of transitioning which invoke the liminal state of mind before getting the shift underway.  Each step taken diminishes the liminal state until we arrived at a complete transition which will be identified as the new normal.

GospelCNTRO is undergoing a transition of biblical understanding and interpretation.  After more than forty years of understanding biblical truths one way, the Most High God, who we now know as Ahiyah Asher Ahiyah, which is I AM that I AM in Hebrew, has led us to a liminal state of mind.  The threshold of learning the bible from a Hebraic understanding is not new to many upon hearing initially.  Yet, that is not true.  The phenomenal liminal state we are experiencing directly affects who we are, versus who we thought we were for a very long time.

I am a Hebrew Israelite, of the tribe of Judah and I stand in a liminal state of understanding, knowledge and practice in this transition.  According to Deuteronomy 28:64-68 the curses fell upon the children of Israel due to their disobedience.  This scripture states the disobedient people would be taken into bondage (Egypt means bondage) again by ships.  As we look over the several years of history, it is undeniable, that there is only one nation of people escorted via ship to be sold into bondage (Egypt).   Stay tuned for updates on how we grow out of this first liminal state while traveling to the next ones until we can boldly say this is our new normal.

Shabbat Shalom,

Prophetess CC of GospelCNTRO Online Radio & Magazine.

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Daily Prompt: Liminal

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