Daily Prompt: Missing

via Daily Prompt: Missing



Where Truth is present False must exist.    One who denounces the existence of Christ, the Messiah who we know as  Yashaya HaMaschiach, must also denounce the existence of an Adversary, or what many recognize as the evil one or the ‘Devil.’   We heard an extremely interesting radio broadcast this evening. A gentleman by the name of Zachary King, a former Satanist, shared his life experiences of Satanism as early as 10 years old.

There are many ‘would be’ believers in Christ that we recognize as Christians.  But we know that could easily be identified as ‘fairy tale bearers’.  Why, fairy tale bearers you may ask?  The description of the ‘fairy tale bearers’ is used to represent how those who claim to be in Christ interact with the biblical truths they claim to represent.   Many do not believe in the seriousness in praying against the enemy (Devil) as necessary, because in their belief they are already protected by the blood of Yashaya (Jesus).

Our word today is ‘Missing.’  This poses the question of what is missing from the Christian lifestyle today?  Where there is -TRUTH there is always FALSE.  The Law is the mirror for sin, according to 1 John 3:4 sin is transgression of the Law.  What’s missing from the modern Christian life is the knowledge or acceptance of the opposing factor of the concept in which they believe.  The opposition is real, the Christ, HaMaschiach (Messiah) addresses the enemy, informing us how we are to interact with the enemy.  He clearly tells us how we combat the enemy and the format in which he approaches us, “Resist the Devi and He will flee.”  Another of the references the Most High gives us is that of security, by confirming “I will not have you ignorant of Satan’s devices.”  While there are many references, here are a few of the scriptures of referenced:

Paul gives the warning when he counsels the Corinthians to take care “lest Satan take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices” (2Corinthians 2:11).

The gained awareness of Satan and his antics going forth in our day and time will likely be alarming to you , we’ll be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil (Ephesians 6:11)



What is the symbol of Satanist? Do you know?   Did you know a large heart with a smaller heart inside of it is a pedophile symbol for girls.  The rainbow butterfly is a child pornography symbol for males.  All of this information is confirmed by a known Satanist as you can hear for yourself on the link embedded in today’s article.  There are so many talking points and clarifications behind this interview, it is impossible to handle this in one segment.  Watch for more information on how to protect your children in this world and to identify the basic practices of Satanism which could be happening right in your face without your knowing.  Remember, the Most High refuses to have you ignorant of the Adversaries devices.

Loving you enough to share the truth,

Prophetess CC.



Daily Prompt: Missing

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