sTePpIn InTo NeWnEsS

  The next steps?  Where will they lead?  The direction finds me reaching out toward those things I love doing.  If you do not know, this is the time in my life where I embark on a new journey with new journal entries.  The next steps in my life where everything I do is a choice that brings joy along with a light and easy yoke.    I love the word of the Most High and while that is an absolute first finally; there are a few more things he gifted me with which makes me who I am.  The pictures you see on the blog today are those of the steps or should I say ‘steppin.’   I love to dance.  I want to find a way to include a level of dancing regularly in my new steps.


I have a list of dances I would like to catch up and some I want to add to my repertoire as follows:


Chicago Style Steppin

A style of African Dance.  I really like this one I believe it is called “Ewee”

Various Hustles:  I have fallen behind after being in Denver, CO for 12 years “Let’s get it”

Well as you can see I am clearly ready for a challenge.  I believe these next steps will move me in a great place.  FYI all of these dancers are old enough to be my children or grandchildren.  I know because I have a couple, but I am a born dancer and I cannot wait to see how far I can get with accomplishing this.  If it goes well I will post a video comparison and you can let me know how I did?



sTePpIn InTo NeWnEsS

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