Using the zoom-in feature on the lens of the camera reveals this insect, whereas the same picture taken by adjusting the lens to zoom-out would render the insect hidden to the human eye.  The deceptions and distractions offered by the adversary are positioned in exactly the same way.   Likewise, it has been proven that if someone is too close to a person (object) they are less likely to see a problem with them as well as someone on the outside.  This is why we understand that those closest to us can do the most damage.  The juxtaposition of the two analogies gives way to the challenges in gaining a true perspective.  They both concentrate on the importance of focus.  Is your focus off?  Are you able to clearly see the commandments in your day to day lifestyle?

One of the most obvious deceptions and distractions offered by the Satan is that of having so many choices in making a decision.  Why?  The choices act much like the leaf does for the insect in this picture; at first glance at a distance, it serves as a camouflage of the wise decisions.   If we studied to follow the commandments with precision in our day to day lifestyles, much like using the zoom-in feature on the camera making a wise decision would become an afterthought to us.  This would develop the habit of considering how anything aligns with the commandments; thereby transforming our decision-making skills into quick wisdom reactions.

This concept will train our minds to oppose options that oppose the commandments in an instant.  The possibility of never entertaining a stagnant choice or any rationalization that opposed the commandments is possible for the Most High’s chosen people.  The adversary is excellent at hiding or disguising the path of the Most High in your life while you are walking down the street, so to speak.  You have heard it mentioned as a ‘stumblingblock.’   The Most High always has a response to Satans tactics.

We find a response in Psalms 119:114-116  “Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word.  Depart from me, ye evildoers: for I will keep the commandments of my G-d.”   Here we clearly see David expressing that he hides and hopes in the Most High’s word.   The adversary is a known copy-cat of the Most High. In this scripture, we can see how the Most High clearly set his word to be a place to hide as a divine form of protection and hope for us.   The Most High’s word helps us in difficult times when Satan presents a fog of confusion, fear, and anxiety.  When you need time to breathe, you can take it in the presence of the Most High, he is waiting and expecting you to do so.
Instead, we turn to the world filled with its opinions on what is good, right, shiny, cool, most popular, and best in design by public opinion.  It starts off grand and may have a good run of it; but as scripture says the end thereof is destruction.   The adversary has influenced us to view the customs, trends, styles and standards of this worlds system to measure what is acceptable and non-acceptable.

This is the deception spread around the world and infecting those around us daily intensifying with each generation.  The cure for this sin-sick world is the laws of the Most High sustained in his chosen people. The world’s measures look right to people who desire the riches and all other cares of this world.  Finally metaphorically, if we focused on the insect (representing the laws) we would not be distracted by the stripey leaf (representing the many options).   Once we train our minds to pause, search and consider the hidden option and where it sits when aligned with the commandments; any decision or choice given to us in this world would be easier to make.

Shalom Yiscah



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