The TORAH is God’s Voice

cropped-takingtorahnationsbanner.jpgThe TORAH is recognized as the ‘five smooth stones’ as they were etched out on stone tablets by Ahiyah the Most High God.  Scholars recognize the TORAH as the Pentateuch, which means the first five books of the Bible. This section of the Holy Scriptures has been at the forefront of debate between theologians from all areas of religious groups. There are terms that are used in the New Testament originating in the Greek language. These transliterations from Greek to English; but the original language was the Hebrew language. These transliterations must begin with the definition of the Hebrew language and then transliterate to English or Greek.

The TORAH houses the original intention and purposes of the Most High God. We are unable to know who we are until we realize the goodness, greatness, and powerful God whose image is replicated in us (Gen. 1:26). The creation is key to our personal association and success in God’s purposes. The VOICE is uttered and the witnesses confirm the word of the Most High. The voice of God walked throughout the Garden, the original relationship between the Most High God  and mankind was intimate. Are you an intimate witness? We often believe the witness that would speak of the Most High’s miracles and salvation is left to the present generation alone.

The Method is a style of studying the scriptures which will supernaturally create clarity in your personal walk with God today. I state this result as a witness to it myself. The Method operates from our understanding the primary source of the Bible is the Most High. Once we gather what the Most High has uttered from his lips to Moses ears and written on the tablets in the TORAH, we confirm the word of the Most High God through the witness of 1) The Prophets, 2) The Writings, and 3) New Testament. The scripture tells us that anything will be validated out of the mouth of 2 to 3 witnesses. When you do word studies from this point forward by using this method it will develop the knowledge of God’s character and thereby shapes our character into the image of God.

Shalom Alakiem
Peace Be Unto You
Prophetess C. C. Duncan

2 thoughts on “The TORAH is God’s Voice

  1. GPOM says:

    Ooooowee I have been listening since the beginning to the talk show and now “The Praise Room” love, love, love. This is outstanding, I will be telling everyone about it.

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