7 in 7


One of the most powerful months of the Enochian calendar is the seventh month.  This month is identified on the Gregorian calendar as September.  The seventh month contains seven holy days of which a convocation is ordained by the Most High .  The seven holy days consist of the four Sabbaths in the month, where we are instructed to remember and keep holy according to Exodus 20:8, including the Memorial Blowing of the Trumpets, The Day of Atonement, and Feast of Tabernacles.

The Memorial of the Blowing of the Trumpets was celebrated last week, it signifies a warning, the changing of the seasons and the triumphant coming of judgment by Yashaya (‘so-called Jesus).  Looking at only two significant references of blowing of the trumpet which should always be remembered and be reminded of in this season.  The first one is the specific battle won in Jericho by the grace and escort of the Most High as he walked with Joshua to victory  Joshua 6.  The second one is referenced in Revelation 8; where the seven angels are prepared to sound the trumpets.  After each angel sounds their trumpet a great event occurs but not before the altar is filled with incense as a representation of the prayers of the saints before the throne.   When we look at it from the perspective of the events of revelation the blowing of the trumpet continues to be a warning to those who have not yet readied themselves for the day of judgment.  A call to repentance is implied.

The Day of Atonement begins at sundown Monday (Sept. 17th) night and ends at sundown Tuesday (Sept. 18th) night.  This is the time of repentance, prayer and fasting.   The conscious prayers for your sins of commission, omission, the struggles in your spirit you desire to overcome all accomplished by bringing ones flesh into submission.  The flesh is afflicted and some even go without water.  We do no work on this day, our focus is to be upon our spiritual status in the presence of the Most High.  We consider these feast days as practice as we await the Mashiach’s return when we will join him in the kingdom.

The Feast of Tabernacles begins on the upcoming Sabbath (sundown Friday, September 21, 2018 -sundown Saturday, September 29, 2018) and is celebrated outdoors in tents for seven days.  We do this in remembrance of the great Exodus lead by Moses in the wilderness.  Where our people inhabited tents and the Most High cared for them daily.  A time of great active care expressed by the Most High that he continues to do for his chosen people.  Spend this phenomenal time in His presence preparing your heart, repenting, soul searching, forgiving others, submitting to his will and ways, and reaching for the healing of your spirit.


Shalawam (Shalom) Family

Sis. Yashika

Caring enough to tell you the truth.

7 in 7



Using the zoom-in feature on the lens of the camera reveals this insect, whereas the same picture taken by adjusting the lens to zoom-out would render the insect hidden to the human eye.  The deceptions and distractions offered by the adversary are positioned in exactly the same way.   Likewise, it has been proven that if someone is too close to a person (object) they are less likely to see a problem with them as well as someone on the outside.  This is why we understand that those closest to us can do the most damage.  The juxtaposition of the two analogies gives way to the challenges in gaining a true perspective.  They both concentrate on the importance of focus.  Is your focus off?  Are you able to clearly see the commandments in your day to day lifestyle?

One of the most obvious deceptions and distractions offered by the Satan is that of having so many choices in making a decision.  Why?  The choices act much like the leaf does for the insect in this picture; at first glance at a distance, it serves as a camouflage of the wise decisions.   If we studied to follow the commandments with precision in our day to day lifestyles, much like using the zoom-in feature on the camera making a wise decision would become an afterthought to us.  This would develop the habit of considering how anything aligns with the commandments; thereby transforming our decision-making skills into quick wisdom reactions.

This concept will train our minds to oppose options that oppose the commandments in an instant.  The possibility of never entertaining a stagnant choice or any rationalization that opposed the commandments is possible for the Most High’s chosen people.  The adversary is excellent at hiding or disguising the path of the Most High in your life while you are walking down the street, so to speak.  You have heard it mentioned as a ‘stumblingblock.’   The Most High always has a response to Satans tactics.

We find a response in Psalms 119:114-116  “Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word.  Depart from me, ye evildoers: for I will keep the commandments of my G-d.”   Here we clearly see David expressing that he hides and hopes in the Most High’s word.   The adversary is a known copy-cat of the Most High. In this scripture, we can see how the Most High clearly set his word to be a place to hide as a divine form of protection and hope for us.   The Most High’s word helps us in difficult times when Satan presents a fog of confusion, fear, and anxiety.  When you need time to breathe, you can take it in the presence of the Most High, he is waiting and expecting you to do so.
Instead, we turn to the world filled with its opinions on what is good, right, shiny, cool, most popular, and best in design by public opinion.  It starts off grand and may have a good run of it; but as scripture says the end thereof is destruction.   The adversary has influenced us to view the customs, trends, styles and standards of this worlds system to measure what is acceptable and non-acceptable.

This is the deception spread around the world and infecting those around us daily intensifying with each generation.  The cure for this sin-sick world is the laws of the Most High sustained in his chosen people. The world’s measures look right to people who desire the riches and all other cares of this world.  Finally metaphorically, if we focused on the insect (representing the laws) we would not be distracted by the stripey leaf (representing the many options).   Once we train our minds to pause, search and consider the hidden option and where it sits when aligned with the commandments; any decision or choice given to us in this world would be easier to make.

Shalom Yiscah





A word used in many cases to describe a posture of the non-productive use of space.  Clearly, this is only the best description of how I immediately identify with the word. The picture used on this blog is the visual I see when thinking of static.  The selection says a great deal about me as the writer.  Firstly, I am familiar with this being on a television screen during the era when television went off the air, whereas many younger audiences are unaware of this possibility.   Whereas others may think of static electricity we can carry in our bodies shown through clothes clinging to our bodies.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there are seven definitions and or references for the term.  The common element of each definition is motionless; no-pressure; and stationary.

The weight of an object offers the force or stamina in which a topic, person or idea can be labeled as static.  The measure is offered by the relativity of its environment.  Secondly, the word static wails loudly in my ears today when I think of the enormous amount of input on the slightest topic of discussion.  The world chimes in with such force it becomes static in the world’s ears.  The words and opinions that were once profoundly memorable on delicate topics of discussions are now drowned out by social media platforms.

It appears everyone and anyone can access a platform to the world.   While this is a great tool in many cases, as I am obviously taking advantage of one now, it also imposes a great disturbance and muddies the waters when seeking to locate truth.  A land built on civil justice and freedom for all; is now becoming STATIC.  The white noise that accompanies the picture is all we hear now when civil rights are violated across this country.  Is it possible we have become too desensitized when considering civility?   One may inquire as to my meaning, in which the response is “too civil” represents the acceptance of so many opinions we are unable to find the moral ground anymore or what would be the truth.   Now we can only own our individual truths which are only relevant in our small spaces of occupancy.  We have been trained to settle for the social media platform as our measure of acceptance with a click of a “Like” button.  In turn, we have become motionless; no-pressure; laid back, silenced, stationary and ultimately a STATIC-society.

It is now easy to get involved on the lowest level of participation.  What are we missing?  The selection of a ‘like’button is not participation for humanitarian or civil justice issues, but instead, it only serves as your contribution to the consumer-driven economy and the corporate marketing plans around the world where big business is concerned.  When someone posts a comment or statement that invokes a strong decision of conscience in pointing out blatant injustice and inconsistencies, these items frequently receive the lowest number of likes.  Why?  It is in this small space, by a slight of hand where the static is heard the loudest.  Because some may not want others to know they really agree with you, and it is really easy to avoid discussing the issue and making a conscious decision because there is no one to look in the eyes.   Is popularity now our truth?  Our electronic finger and footprints are creating a STATIC society with soft-edges when it comes to any difficult decisions of change required in our society.   No one searches for facts any further than what they can see on a common search engine or social media platform anymore, WOW!

Food for thought-If everything is acceptable then there is no line drawn?  Look around and I am sure you will begin to see the same television picture screen or hear the muttering crowd of the white noise of social media with a dull monotone humming in your ears.  America and quite possibly the world is now classified as STATIC.


Sister Yiscah (Ya-shi-ka)


Proverbs 13:22 An Inheritance?

The expression “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” implies that it is easier to maintain ownership of something if one has it in his or her possession.  The possession of more than half a century of life to ponder patterns, map out the best routes, witness the rise and fall of human consciences within an environment; contemplating the ancient styles and customs now packaged as new thoughts to the youngest generations, and to see some prophecies fulfilled is how I measure an inheritance.

We live in a society where the smallest decisions we use to make by using our brains, utilizing wisdom, knowledge, comprehension, and instinct are now replaced with the mechanical workings ensued by a ‘bit of coding’ programmed inside inanimate objects that we now label as smart.   Has mankind been put on notice that our intellect is no longer necessary?  Is technology serving as a caveat to those who are considered not so bright on their own?   When we consider the bursting floodgates of advancing technology pushing its currents through our society and leaving nothing untouched, not even our currencies around the world, are we forgetting the expression in our introduction?

If possession is nine-tenths of the law, and we release wisdom, knowledge, comprehension and the instinctive reasoning of our daily lifestyles to automation, then how do we value ourselves as humans now? As it stands, if you have the appropriate ‘app’ in the house, car or on any of the many mobile electronic devices we can make valid decisions by using these tools of today’s society.  Yet, isn’t this much like what Esau did when he willed Jacob to have his inheritance for a bowl of pottage meat in his time of haste, thinking he had the best of the best already after his bout with Nimrod (Genesis 25:29-32 & Book of Jasher Ch. 27: 8-12).   Likewise, the prodigal son also looked upon his inheritance from his father as coin alone and thereby desired it prior to his father’s death which is a disgrace in and of itself in the community Luke 15: 11-17.  Aren’t we also despising our inheritance?   I use the word despise because it appears we have created codes to employ the electronics to do the daunting tasks our brains were originally expected to learn, accomplish and pass on to the next generations as an inheritance.

I have literally heard many others and myself intoxicated by convenience drenched with a slurring air of pride-ridden ignorance saying, “If I want to know something, I just look it up on Google, or YouTube.”   The easy access to information has replaced the wisdom of the grandmother or grandfather sharing their knowledge with the next generations.  The challenge of creating a new way of handling a situation that suits your current condition is voided and replaced with whatever the ‘app’ gives you.  Many of you know what I mean when the GPS misguides you due to the failure to update the traffic information for the past three years???   We are creating a society that discards their inheritance for a proverbial pseudo pot of gold, that has the potential to become our slave master at the flip of one switch.  The world teeters on the edge ready to fall to their knees without knowledge of how to survive without their precious ‘app or smart item.’

Sure, there are enough of us still alive that can remember when we did not have these amenities and life went on, but the very things many of us as parents and grandparents are supplying for our youngsters is setting our next generations up for destruction, failure and the inability to survive.   I encourage those of you who took the time to read the rant of a mother and grandmother who has watched the technology era alter our lives, to give your family an inheritance and share your knowledge and let them share their new way with you.  There is nothing wrong with convenience but do not allow it to become a dictator that strips you of an inheritance.

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.  Proverbs 13:22

Sister Yiscah (Ya-sh-ka)



Proverbs 13:22 An Inheritance?

sTePpIn InTo NeWnEsS

  The next steps?  Where will they lead?  The direction finds me reaching out toward those things I love doing.  If you do not know, this is the time in my life where I embark on a new journey with new journal entries.  The next steps in my life where everything I do is a choice that brings joy along with a light and easy yoke.    I love the word of the Most High and while that is an absolute first finally; there are a few more things he gifted me with which makes me who I am.  The pictures you see on the blog today are those of the steps or should I say ‘steppin.’   I love to dance.  I want to find a way to include a level of dancing regularly in my new steps.


I have a list of dances I would like to catch up and some I want to add to my repertoire as follows:


Chicago Style Steppin

A style of African Dance.  I really like this one I believe it is called “Ewee”

Various Hustles:  I have fallen behind after being in Denver, CO for 12 years “Let’s get it”

Well as you can see I am clearly ready for a challenge.  I believe these next steps will move me in a great place.  FYI all of these dancers are old enough to be my children or grandchildren.  I know because I have a couple, but I am a born dancer and I cannot wait to see how far I can get with accomplishing this.  If it goes well I will post a video comparison and you can let me know how I did?



sTePpIn InTo NeWnEsS


It is unrealistic to set out to make changes or reach for higher heights in your life without a plan.  As a woman of faith, I find it is important for me to reach for the ‘Rock’ Christ as the underlying ‘blueprint’ upon which to develop a plan, it only makes sense to me.    This is a new journey and journal for me as you know, if you are following me regularly.   If not, I encourage you to join me as I work through the intricacies of change, new beginnings, and/or new paths.

The Blueprint

Proverbs 16:3 ” Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established.”  This scripture is the second brick I lay in my spirit to pave the way on this journey.  Commitment is one of the commodities the corporate world demands of their top players.   I always listed this attribute in my resume and cover letter, along with a million others, as we followed the resume’ experts suggestions.  The reference to one’s commitment in the resume or cover letter is now cliche’ to employers, because there is no way to verify this until they hire you.   Yet, this particular scripture remains the first point of reference I make for structure.

As I exit the corporate world and enter the entrepreneurial world, this attribute must be transferred.  When you are your own boss, a specific directional obligation can become a bit blurred if you have no employees as of yet, or if ever.  It is important to set a parameter of accountability in your life.  I have chosen to commit my works to the Most High.  This may also sound cliche’ I know I have heard it numerous times myself.  Yet, here I am committing my efforts, work and overall process to the Most High.  I  practiced and maintained a similar level of commitment influenced by my early years as a believer, from Ephesians 6:5 ” Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ.”


Recently, I’ve been examining the impression this scripture has made in my work ethic  over the years.  I realized I only sought to be the worker or servant and never the master.  When I did make attempts to go after one of the many ideas I had for a business or career, I fell short not because of a lack of commitment in my character, but due to a misguided directional obligation.  Allow me to simplify, my early years of Christian education instructed me to be obedient to parents, masters, authority figures, including bosses and to work with the effort for these individuals as I was working for Christ.  This is great, but now that I am grown, this actually does not apply to me in the same manner.

Structure for me at this point in my life is to look to the Most High as my boss who holds the blueprint and as such, I will be on time, be committed to his purpose in all of my efforts and depend on Him to establish my thoughts toward building and flourishing in this new life.  There is still a Master in my life, but this one is the bishop and lover of my very soul, who guides me in the same manner as Christ, on how to become a master myself.   Christ did not hesitate to inform the inquisitors of his day, “When you have seen me you have seen the Father.”   This was misinterpreted as Christ saying he was the Father, but in actuality what he was expressing was his devout love and commitment to the instruction of his Father.  It was a seamless effort Christ expressed and encouraged us to take note of to follow the example he set.  Therefore, I pursue each day in hopes that I can say when you’ve seen me you have seen Christ.

Therefore, my alarm is set, schedule is listed on my outlook calendar with reminders and I am ready to work Father.









Pause to Progress

The most valuable item in life is often accompanied with the verbs, racing, pushed, crammed and wasted when referenced in our fast paced society.  I have recently gently climbed off the ‘hamster wheel’ of sorts.  I ended a chapter in my life’s journey and or journal one week ago.  I anticipated and planned  to release the mundane projects and responsibilities which made up my role as a Contract Analyst.  A compilation of tasks meaningful to some, but only weighs in as a racing-pushed- crammed-waste of my precious time.   A contracted ‘gig’ I held for eighteen months.   The decision to pause my laps around the proverbial ‘hamster wheel’ has been in play now for more than three or four years.  Here we are well into the fall season of 2017 and my life, as I slide off the wheel “dah-dump.”

If the description of my exit sounds a bit frumpy, it is no mistake.   I  hear people describe their life changing moments as a ‘ blind leap of faith,’  or ‘passion driven,’ I refuse to apply either cliche to my efforts here.  After all, having worked in corporate America more than 30 years of my life,  dabbling here-and-there, off- and- on in a gift I knew I possessed but, for so many rationalizations i gave myself, of which I will touch on as I forge ahead in this endeavor, found me  without the guts or faith in myself to give it a go.  So, yes, the exit may be a bit ‘dah-dumpy-frumpy,’ if I may use such a description to say a bit scared.

Yet, here I am.  I am making a start of it.  I hope you join me on my journey as I write my way through the task of transferring the 200% work ethic, commitment and drive in corporate America I have developed as an asset over the years, to my self-starting entrepreneurial endeavors.  I use the term endeavors plural intentionally.  I am well- gifted with a deep seated passion that awaits to progress with the creative side of my brain.

I now take an intended pause to progress forward.  I will use this time to gather the high-points of my life lived to step into my destiny.   A pause to progress will identify my strengths, weaknesses and the consistent thread that has sustained it all.  Each day will likely find me planning for the next project.  This is a scary path, it is filled with  shades of grey darkness due to its uncertainty, but at the same time bright with expectation and possibilities.  I am not sure where this path will take me, but I am happy this side of my brain is now  AWAKE.

Welcome to my Pause to Progress

Yasicah (Ye-shi-cha)

Pause to Progress