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GospelCntro Ministries, LLC   We promote a specific genre of Hebrew Israelite based ministries, education and tools used to edify the body of Christ on who our Savior truly is; the ‘so called’ Jesus,  who we recognize as Yashaya, was a Hebrew (a Jew) and we study and learn of him.   GospelCntro Ministries, LLC is connected to many helpful and encouraging resources, websites, specifically the Christ believing Hebrew Israelites.  We do not in any way promote racism, swearing, derogatory, slanderous verbal assaults or the like behavior in any way.  There are many sects of Hebrew Israelites in our society today, but we are those who believe in Christ and his redemption, his manners, teachings and make every effort to conduct ourselves accordingly.


We at GospelCntro, LLC are known for our ability to handle each client as a Hebrew brother and sister of the Sabbath honoring Community in Christ, while fulfilling our call to do all things as unto the Lord. Living out the word stated in  Col. 3:23 “And whatsoever ye do, do [it] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” When the Most High God Ahiyah is glorified through our commitment to his teaching and instructions in the Torah, we know we have fulfilled the ministry He has placed in our company.


Working with you in Christ,

Prophetess C. C. Duncan, Founder
GospelCNTRO Ministries, LLC

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“The Good News for a Life Centered in Christ”

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