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New WULT_GC Logo-radioGospelCNTRO Ministries Radio Broadcast, promotes a spirit of returning to the origin of the Most High God’s word reaching for the Torah ( The Laws given to the Most High’s chosen people by Moses).  This is where the creator speaks and teaches us how to walk to obtain the promised blessings of The Most High.  GospelCNTRO Ministries promotes the actual how to of living a “Kingdom Lifestyle,” and the Torah is where this is found.   Qam Yasharalah (RISE ISRAEL)  Listen to the show!  You will be immensely blessed and motivated by this broadcast, any questions or hesitations you have about embracing the TORAH are addressed here.

If you are new or  have missed the live Sabbath teaching today or any past messages no problem.  Keep YOUR SPIRIT ON HIS AND YOUR FLESH ON LOW with

GospelCNTRO  Online Radio:  Wake Up Lost Tribes-Study hall

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Place your question on the GospelCNTRO Online Radio dashboard or message us within the inbox  at wakeuplosttribes@gmail.com




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