Pause to Progress

The most valuable item in life is often accompanied with the verbs, racing, pushed, crammed and wasted when referenced in our fast paced society.  I have recently gently climbed off the ‘hamster wheel’ of sorts.  I ended a chapter in my life’s journey and or journal one week ago.  I anticipated and planned  to release the mundane projects and responsibilities which made up my role as a Contract Analyst.  A compilation of tasks meaningful to some, but only weighs in as a racing-pushed- crammed-waste of my precious time.   A contracted ‘gig’ I held for eighteen months.   The decision to pause my laps around the proverbial ‘hamster wheel’ has been in play now for more than three or four years.  Here we are well into the fall season of 2017 and my life, as I slide off the wheel “dah-dump.”

If the description of my exit sounds a bit frumpy, it is no mistake.   I  hear people describe their life changing moments as a ‘ blind leap of faith,’  or ‘passion driven,’ I refuse to apply either cliche to my efforts here.  After all, having worked in corporate America more than 30 years of my life,  dabbling here-and-there, off- and- on in a gift I knew I possessed but, for so many rationalizations i gave myself, of which I will touch on as I forge ahead in this endeavor, found me  without the guts or faith in myself to give it a go.  So, yes, the exit may be a bit ‘dah-dumpy-frumpy,’ if I may use such a description to say a bit scared.

Yet, here I am.  I am making a start of it.  I hope you join me on my journey as I write my way through the task of transferring the 200% work ethic, commitment and drive in corporate America I have developed as an asset over the years, to my self-starting entrepreneurial endeavors.  I use the term endeavors plural intentionally.  I am well- gifted with a deep seated passion that awaits to progress with the creative side of my brain.

I now take an intended pause to progress forward.  I will use this time to gather the high-points of my life lived to step into my destiny.   A pause to progress will identify my strengths, weaknesses and the consistent thread that has sustained it all.  Each day will likely find me planning for the next project.  This is a scary path, it is filled with  shades of grey darkness due to its uncertainty, but at the same time bright with expectation and possibilities.  I am not sure where this path will take me, but I am happy this side of my brain is now  AWAKE.

Welcome to my Pause to Progress

Yasicah (Ye-shi-cha)

Pause to Progress